Why This One Food Item Can Single-Handedly Transform Your Health

If you could add just one
food item to your daily diet that could
single-handedly transform your health,
what would it be?

Hint:  This is called the “world’s healthiest raw food” and people are buying almost a billion dollars’ worth of it every year.

Dear supanut,

If you haven’t already guessed the answer to the above question, it is … chia seeds!

Salvia Hispanica Seeds      Yes, these miracle seeds have recently emerged as a superfood that some are calling the “World’s Healthiest Raw Food.”  According to Nutrition Business Journal, the chia seed market is growing at 239% and will be a $1.1 billion product by 2020.

Chia seeds have captured the attention of scientists, nutritionists, herbalists, athletes, and health enthusiasts.  Even doctors and medical practitioners are recommending chia seeds to their patients because the seeds have been shown to have broad-spectrum effectiveness when it comes to …

==> cardiovascular health
    ==> balancing blood sugar and blood pressure
==> inhibiting abnormal cell growth
==> maintaining the appearance of youth
==> supporting beneficial outcomes for those who struggle with
excess weight and body fat
==> increasing energy levels and elevating moods
==> maintaining gastrointestinal, blood and bone health
==> promoting mental health
==> and helping to ward off virtually all health challenges.

     Dr. G., who’s called “Florida’s Master Surgeon” recommends micro-milled chia seeds to his patients who suffer from joint discomfort … moodiness … nerve discomfort … mild constipation … cholesterol imbalance … stomach discomfort … learning challenges … low energy … and various types of chronic health challenges.  The results have been phenomenal!

    No doubt about it … if you haven’t added chia seeds into your daily diet, you’re missing out on the easiest and most economical way to transform your health.

BUT … before your rush out to buy chia seeds from your local health food store or supermarket, you must know what to look for if you want to receive the extraordinary health benefits from this miracle seed.  The best chia seeds are not available in stores.

WARNING:  Do Not Buy a Chia Seed Product Unless It Meets These Criteria:

1.  For optimum health maintenance and therapeutic results, insist on chia seeds that are micro-milled using a cold-processing system.  This micro-milling process opens the seeds (instead of grinding them) … strips the seeds of their shell … releases the beneficial nutrients — and gives the seeds up to an amazing 98% bioavailability!

     That means that your body can use up to 98% of all the benefits of the seed.  Other chia seeds don’t even come close.

MILA Seeds - Viscous Gel      Micro-milled chia seeds also have the ability to absorb 12 TIMES their own weight in water.

Therefore, you can use even just a teaspoon of micro-milled chia seeds, and you’ll feel full — and stop hunger.  This is also why they are the best food item for overall weight control and appetite control — and they support beneficial outcomes for those who struggle with excess weight.

Why whole chia seeds and ground chia seeds are NOT your best choice:

Cold-Fracture Micro-Sliced Chia Seeds      Some companies offer ground chia seeds (not to be confused with micro-milled) .  Grinding seeds causes beneficial oils and nutrients to be lostand the higher temperatures that accompany the grinding process lead to oxidation, which spoils the seeds.

Whole chia seeds that are not ground at all also have a major disadvantage … the chia seed shell is difficult for the body to digest — and this inhibits nutrient absorption.  People who consume chia seeds with the shell do not receive as many nutrients as those that use micro-milled chia seeds, which are proven nutritionally superior.

Plus, the fiber in micro-milled chia seeds is “head and shoulders” above other varieties.

2.   When buying a chia seed product, you have to insist that it must be organic. Conventionally grown chia plants are nutritionally depleted because the soils they’re grown in are depleted — and therefore, yield nutrient-poor seeds.  Pesticides and other chemical additives in non-organic farming of chia yields nutritionally compromised seeds that may not deliver health benefits — and may even come with long-term health risks.

In addition to being organic, the chia seeds you consume must also be non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), and free of gluten, pesticides and trans-fats.

     Click here to discover the ONLY commercially available brand that contains organic micro-milled seeds.  This is not available in stores — and for a limited time, you can get up to 2 bags FREE.

Find out how organic micro-milled chia seeds can …

* Promote youthful good looks and graceful aging
* Help shed excess weight and reduce body fat
* Increase energy levels significantly
* Support joint health and help relieve joint discomfort
* Promote cardiovascular health and help ward off
heart concerns
* Support bone health, as well as gastrointestinal, breast and
prostate health — and help inhibit inflammatory conditions
 and regulate the growth of abnormal cells in the breast,
prostate, skin, lungs and esophagus
* Maintain blood health
* Boost mental health
*and much more!

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