What exercises works on the HCG diet?

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What exercises works on the HCG diet?

Exercise in combination with the HCG diet can be powerful and beneficial, but you must know how to do it right!

A quick “Did you know?”

HCG is naturally produced by the cells that make up the placenta and later transferred to the unborn fetus by the placenta during pregnancy.

HCG helps support the pregnancy by producing progesterone. This helps to development the placenta during the early stages of pregnancy.

Few expecting mothers realize that pregnancy; offers a huge window of opportunity to lose unwanted fat while bringing their new child into the world.

By reducing their calorie intake to natural BMR, while using the extremely high levels of HCG hormone in their system to release fat,  A newly expecting mother can burn unwanted fat during the pregnancy process.

Although the HCG diet has is very strict protocol , some of the previous rules include the absence of makeup, lotions, oils, including what types of foods that can be eaten have been updated to work better in the 21st.

I’m going to discuss why we busted the myth of no exercise while on the HCG diet.

In this email, you will learn how to exercise during all phases of the HCG diet correctly to get the very best fat loss results.

My Negative Calorie Approach To HCG Diet Fat Loss:

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