UniScience Prosterin Review: Does it Work

UniScience Prosterin Review: Does it Work

UniScience Prosterin Review: Does it Work

Secret Revealed!

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This UCLA-Researched, Science-Based, Prostate Formula Is the Only One That Contains 122 U.S. Patented Bio-Active Prostate Protectors

Every Man over 50 Needs to Know About This NEW Life‑Changing Prostate Formula!

Imagine sleeping peacefully through the entire night without a bathroom run.

Dear Friend,

Hold everything!

You need to understand right off the bat that… no matter what prostate remedies you may have tried in the past…

What you’re about to discover is an entirely new approach to ending those
night-time bathroom runs.

This is about an amazing bio-chemical breakthrough that’s so totally different; the U.S. Patent Agency has awarded a patent for the process of extracting the 122 biologically-active agents that make it so incredibly effective.

This all-new discovery wipes the slate clean as far as prostate remedies go. There simply is nothing else like it.

So please, forget about anything you may have tried in the past!

FINALLY, a totally-new approach to ending your
“got-to-go” prostate problems!

UniScience Prosterin Review: Does it Work

Let me explain what makes this cutting-edge prostate formula totally different and uniquely effective:

Cutting-Edge Molecular Scientists At UCLA Laboratories Have Finally Decoded and Patented, the…

5,000-Year-Old Secrets of this Prostate Healer.

UniScience Prosterin Review: Does it Work

There is evidence that over 5,000 years ago the people of the Mediterranean used various parts of this sacred fruit to treat a variety of ailments.

Ancient healers knew it worked, they just didn’t know why.

Well…only recently have molecular biologists at UCLA discovered how this powerful prostate healer works. And let me tell you…if you suffer with prostate issues…

This is a true game changer!
(Your life will never be the same.)

It works wonders!

My name is Jim Lemire. I’m an M.D., and I run a family practice in Ocala, Florida where I try to combine the best of natural and traditional medicine.

I don’t know how old you are, but, if you’re over 50, I’ll bet I know a few things about you…

Because, it happens to most men as we grow older…

UniScience Prosterin Review: Does it Work

“Oh no… not again!”

End middle of the night bathroom runs!

Now you can sleep peacefully through the entire night and end those urgent “got-to-go” symptoms.

Really? YES… really!

  • You get up to go two… three… even five times a night and wake up tired in the morning…
  • You sometimes have to go so badly it hurts, but then you can’t start…
  • You catch yourself counting the miles to the next highway rest stop, trying desperately to “hold it in”…
  • Maybe you’ve had to go so badly you’ve actually had to pull over and go behind a tree…
  • You’ve rushed home… frantically fumbled with your front door key… and barely made it to the bathroom…
  • And… oh yeah… what about your love life? Remember how it used to be?

So like most men age 50 and up with prostate issues I suspect you’ve already tried several of the big-promise prostate remedies out there.

In fact, you may have tried a lot of ‘em.

And, if you’re like most men who had high hopes, you’ve probably had disappointing results.

So, maybe you’ve just concluded… nighttime bathroom runs are just part of growing older.

It’s simply not so! Be honest with yourself… how’s whatever you’re taking now for your prostate working out for you?

How often and how urgently do you have to go?

How long has it been since you slept all the way through the night?

What would you give to not have to stumble your way once or twice to the bathroom every night?

UniScience Prosterin Review: Does it Work

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Prosterin Uniscience

Save up to $119.85 • Get 3 FREE Gifts
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After 5,000 years, researchers have finally identified and isolated the 122 powerful phytonutrients that make…

Pomegranate, the ultra‑powerful all‑natural healer!

It’s loaded with something called Ellagitannins – newly identified by UCLA and the University of Mississippi.

Research done at both UCLA and the University of Mississippi have shown that Ellagitannins support healthy cell growth in the prostate and may provide important protection against most common prostate issues.

What’s more, a recent study at Scotland’s Queen Margaret University found that the special nutrients in pomegranate can even promote healthy levels of testosterone, a key compound in male virility and sexual desire.

UniScience Prosterin Ingredients

Prosterin™ is the Only Supplement to Contain The 122 Bio‑Active Agents In This Patented, Prostate‑Protecting Pomegranate Extract!

The UCLA-patented, concentrated, pomegranate extract in Prosterin™ is called Pomella®.

Pomella is uniquely beneficial because it gives you the same ratio of powerful ellagitannins, punicalagins, and otherhealth-supporting polyphenols found in the actual pomegranate fruit… without the excessive sugar or calories you’d get from drinking the juice.

Pomella® is no ordinary extract. It was developed by academic research scientists at a major California university. Their only goal was to achieve superior bioactivity and bioavailability — areas where low-cost extracts fail — and they succeeded brilliantly.

A 2006 Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry study found Pomella® significantly increased the antioxidant capacity of blood and was actually detectable in the bloodstream — a major breakthrough! Additional published research confirms it truly maximizes the synergistic and additive effects of pomegranate.

As a result, Pomella® has been the subject of multiple research grants awarded by the NIH and private research foundations worldwide. The resulting clinical data continues to distinguish Pomella® as the “Gold Standard” of pomegranate extracts.

Pomella® is so well proven for its extract process that it was granted multiple patents.

Additional Information

This powerful TOTAL solution can
keep you a virile, red-blooded man at any age

This new discovery isn’t like other natural prostate solutions you may have tried before — like saw palmetto. While studies show saw palmetto can provide support to men with mild prostate and urinary symptoms, a recent large study found it’s not effective for men whose symptoms are moderate to severe. And in those cases when saw palmetto does work, it can take months for you to see a difference.

Results start in 14 days or less

But this new, total solution you’re about to discover brings you better results faster. Many men see results in as little as 14 days, or even less. Now you too can finally get relief for prostate and urinary symptoms that keep you up at night, embarrass you around others, wreak havoc on your sex life, and cause you untold hassles and inconvenience.

Even better, this total solution is at least 3,000 times more powerful than saw palmetto.

So instead of waiting weeks or even months, you can promote healthy prostate function and start sleeping peacefully through the night again in just days!

A richly balanced, multi-pronged approach to prostate support works best of all. So we combined a full dozen, proven ingredients, each with its own unique actions and biochemical-nutrient profile, so that you can be sure you get the broadest range of support possible.

Prosterin Uniscience

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