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Get Your Brain Firing on All Cylinders

I’ve written to you several times about the benefits of green tea.

We know that green tea revs up your body’s metabolism. So, even when you’re resting, your body burns more calories… and that helps you lose more weight faster.

Other studies suggest green tea may support eye health and even promote strong bones.

Now, researchers in Switzerland have shown that green tea may have an even more amazing anti-aging property. And they have the “photos” to back up their claim.

University scientists in Basel tested the claim that green tea improves thinking and memory.

The scientists took 12 healthy men and gave them a soft drink followed by a test. During the test, they measured brain activity using MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

Half the men were given green tea extract in their soft drink. The other men got only the drink.

A second set of tests compared their performance after switching drinks. In other words, the men who had gotten green tea extract the first time didn’t in the second round… and the opposite for the other group.

This way, the scientists could contrast the two groups – as well as the men’s performance – both with and without the extract.

The MRIs showed greater connections between two key areas of the brain after taking the green tea extract. This held for both the group comparisons and individuals. The men also performed their tasks more efficiently after the green tea drink.

The results show green tea extract supports what’s called working memory. That’s the part of your memory you use for reasoning, understanding and learning.1

The researchers hope this information will lead to research on green tea and cognitive decline – a major concern for many mature adults.

Green tea extract is widely available as a nutritional supplement. But green tea is also a delicious drink, iced or hot. I recommend naturally decaffeinated green tea. You’ll get all the health benefits, but without the caffeine.

It’s too early to say if follow-up studies will show the same effect on people with memory or thinking issues. But green tea is safe… and healthy in many other ways.

So I don’t see any reason not to add it to your daily routine.

  • Mature volunteers in a Texas study saw an increase in both bone and muscle strength after taking green tea extracts.2
  • Green tea is thermogenic. That is, it boosts your body’s energy use. And more calories burned equals faster weight loss.3
  • Green tea promotes healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.4

And when it comes to nutritional supplements for memory, Lion’s Mane mushroom and Ginkgo biloba are two I continue to recommend.

Yours in continued good health,

Dr kenneth Woliner, M.D.

1 “Green tea boosts your brain,” University of Basel. Apr 7, 2014.

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