The Big Chronic Symptoms LIE

The Big Chronic Symptoms LIE

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Dear Friends,

I really need to clear something up with you.

It’s a big fallacy, a myth—a big LIE about your SYMPTOMS.

It’s something that no conventional doctor would ever tell you about either because they don’t really understand it (doubtful), or they’re afraid you might be asking lots of follow up questions.

First, I’ll expose the truth around the LIE.

Here it is:

Your chronic SYMPTOMS didn’t just start as a SYMPTOM

The pain, the “stress”, the lack of energy is an attempt on the part of your body to communicate that something is really wrong!

Your symptoms are like a big, blinking NEON SIGN warning you to LOOK HERE and NOW.This is the WARNING that there is an imbalance or a “stress”, or a deficiency in your body that needs to be identified and serviced–like that red, blinking light on your car’s dash when it too needs to be serviced.

In fact, your chronic, unresolved symptom once started as an imbalance or a “stress”, or a deficiency, that was left unidentified or untreated and eventually became what you’re feeling now.

Now, here’s the big A-HA moment:

Your SYMPTOMS are being treated as a “symptom”.Meaning, prescription medications, needless procedures, constant daily monitoring, etc. are all superficial treatments that treat the symptom itself, and mask what created the symptom to begin with.

And, if left untreated, without identifying the underlying imbalance or deficiency, will cause your SYMPTOMS to eventually progress into a disease more acute and damaging than the initial SYMPTOMS themselves.

The reason I’m clearing this up with you is so you can start to pay attention to these big, blinking NEON SIGNS.

Here’s to your health,

Dr. Richard DiCenso

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