Stop Muscle Aches for Hours at a Time

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Stop Muscle Aches for Hours at a Time

Summer is muscle ache season. Tens of thousands of gardeners, weekend hikers and others emerge from hibernation. After a long winter, they’re eager to get back into their favorite activities.

Every year, a certain percentage go out and try to pick up where they left off in the fall. But they don’t realize how much muscle tone they’ve lost over the winter. So they overdo it… and wind up with sore, overworked muscles.

Fortunately, Mother Nature has a solution for aching muscles. One that’s safe, effective and works pretty quickly.

It’s capsaicin (CN). And it’s one of the most unusual pain relievers you’ll ever find.

You see, CN is primarily an irritant. If you’ve ever had five-alarm chili or extra-hot salsa, you have an idea of what CN can do. It’s the substance that gives hot peppers their bite… and makes pepper spray so effective for self-defense.

That’s why applying CN to your skin may burn or itch a little at first. But this same property also makes it a powerful pain reliever.

Capsaicin binds to a receptor on your nerves called TRPV1. Normally, TRPV1 responds to brief pain stimuli – especially heat. But CN creates a persistent signal, which TRPV1 can’t handle.

With CN “holding the button down,” TRPV1 stops sending its pain message. So the initial sensation – if you feel it at all – quickly switches to no sensation. Basically, CN blocks pain by short-circuiting the nerves that normally send the pain signal.

So, if your muscles ache, you just rub on a little CN ointment, and it shuts down the pain message. This makes CN particularly effective for aching muscles. (Though it works for joints, too.)

For quick relief of short-term pain CN is a great choice for several reasons…

  • You can apply it directly to sore muscles (or joints), so it can get to work quickly.
  • If your pain is localized, topical CN delivers 100% of its relief right where you need it.
  • It’s convenient. You can carry a small container in your pocket or purse and apply it whenever needed.

CN is also an excellent “back up” if you take nutritional supplements for pain. Any time you feel you need an extra boost, just apply a little CN ointment directly to the sore muscle or joint.

CN is powerful. Typical ointments contain only .025% – .1% capsaicin. But even at these low concentrations, it can be very effective.

If you rub CN ointment on, or massage it into your skin, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly. Even at just .025%, don’t take CN for granted. If you should accidentally touch your eye after applying CN, you’ll wish you hadn’t.

But if you’ve overdone your gardening or exercise, CN could be your new best friend.


Yours in continued good health,

Dr kenneth Woliner, M.D.

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