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Dear Health-conscious Friend,

Do you know what’s the dumbest clothing idea ever? One size fits all. I don’t care where on your body you’re supposed to wear it, one size does not fit all. Ever.

The same is true for health information. When it comes to health, everyone is different. And there are lots of reasons for this. Different health problems, for example, may have the same signs. (Is it just a cold… or an allergy?)

That’s why I often suggest several different solutions to one problem. You may sleep like a baby after a cup of chamomile tea. But your cousin might do better with melatonin. If you have choices, you’re more likely to find the solution you need.

That’s also why I sometimes address an issue of the Journal for Healthy Living specifically to the ladies… while other issues are more male-oriented. Only men have prostate concerns. And women suffer with bladder trouble far more often than men.

So I always try to bring a balance… because one size doesn’t fit all.

Not too long ago, I read a shocking study. Researchers found 88% of women over 50 are unhappy with their bodies. And almost all the rest dislike at least one part of their bodies.

So I wrote to women about this issue. (See “Feel Good About Your Body“.)

The problem is only 2% of women are naturally as thin as the models and actresses in the media. Trying to look like them is bound to be frustrating. So I offered some tips on how to avoid falling prey to the media’s insane definition of “beauty.”

And speaking of beauty, I understand how hard it can be to keep your skin soft, smooth and supple – especially in winter. That’s why I’ve shared secrets on how to “feed” your skin – inside and out.

Getting plenty of vitamin C is a good start. This vitamin is key to making collagen – the main building block of supple, healthy skin.

CoQ10 is one of my favorite antioxidants. It’s especially good for your heart. I revealed how to use it to rejuvenate your skin here.

Men may care about their skin … but I hear a lot more from guys who want to rejuvenate their love lives. So I make sure the Journal covers men’s concerns, too.

As you probably know, men’s testosterone (T) levels tend to drop with age. And since T is the hormone that defines masculinity, plummeting T can put a real crimp in your bedroom activity.

That’s why I’ve written entire articles on boosting men’s T levels. Yes – it can be done. To find out what to do, what to eat, and which supplements may help, just read this article.

Men are also concerned about prostate health. And with good reason. If a man lives long enough, there’s a 90% chance he’ll have prostate trouble. So I’ve written on this topic more than a few times.

For instance, I’ve revealed why men have to be careful about their drinking water… and how to build your body’s defenses against the prostate threat that may dwell there. You’ll find all the details in “Avoid This Newly Discovered Prostate Risk.”

Of course, you’ll find plenty of breakthroughs, tips and secrets anyone can use. Like the delicious drink that helps your body burn up to 4% more calories day and night. And how it may be a key to a better memory.

Sound a little crazy? I explain it all in “How Your Belly Robs Your Brain.” It’s just one of hundreds of articles that could help you live a happier, healthier and longer life.

Yours in continued good health,

Dr Kenneth Woliner, M.D.

P.S. You’ll find a layman’s perspective on that fat-burning beverage here… along with several terrific tips on making weight loss easier. Our blogger shares the tricks he used to drop more than 50#. 

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