Shou Wu Healthier You Review:Does It Work

Shou Wu healthier You Review

Shou Wu Healthier You Review: Does It Work?

  • Helps restore your hair’s youthful appearance Helps restore your hair’s youthful appearance
  • Get fuller, more lustrous looking hair
  • Contains 60 Tablets/ 1 Month Supply

Shou wu review

Restore Your Hair’s Youthful Appearance!

For centuries, the Chinese have spoken of a natural herbal formula and its ability to restore dull, thin-appearing hair to its youthful luster – without sticky creams or artificial chemicals.

Think about it: Have you ever seen a Chinese person whose hair wasn’t thick, shiny and beautiful?

Now for the first time since the Ming Dynasty, a version of this time-tested Chinese formula is being exported to the U.S. – SHOU WU™ Healthier You! This amazing supplement is extracted from natural and ancient medicinal herbs including the nutrient-rich root of the wild Eastern Rose Plant.

Those who have used SHOU WU™ Healthier You in the U.S. over a 6-month period are amazed at the results and are receiving compliments from family, friends and associates. The results speak for themselves!

Try SHOU WU™ Healthier You – and you, too, may personally discover the Chinese secret to fuller looking, more lustrous looking hair and a more youthful appearance. Be patient, use it consistently for 3 months or so. Don’t be surprised if you, too, find yourself receiving compliments from friends and family.

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“How a Vacation in China Solved My Mother’s Embarrassing Hair Problem”

If you have dull, lifeless hair you’re going to love this.

Dear Friend,

My name is Jack Danforth. I’m the President of Healthier YOU, a 20-year old anti-aging product firm.

Today I want to tell you about a fascinating “Chinese Secret” that I came across in my travels. I believe you’ll love it, especially if you’d like to have stronger, thicker, nicer hair than ever before.

Best of all, it works for both women AND men alike. Here’s the story ..

Healthier You Shou Wu SupplementMy mother is 71 years old. Her hair had been thin-appearing and lifeless-looking for as long as I can remember.

Her hair looked weak, thin and brittle. She often complained that she had to sweep it off her vanity every time she brushed it.

It got to the point where you could even see some exposed scalp. She was terribly embarrassed by it. She tried every protein treatment, every conditioner, everything available — but nothing helped.

Now, Dad says Mom looks 20 years younger!

Today my mother’s hair looks beautiful — stronger, thicker and more bouncy and lustrous than ever!

Her friends tell her she looks years younger … (my dad notices the difference too, and he loves it!) You would never know she had a problem.

She credits her new, fuller-looking healthy hair to an ancient restorative botanical I discovered while vacationing in China recently.

Healthier You Shou Wu SupplementWhen I first learned of this Chinese Secret I was especially intrigued because my own hair began losing its lustre when I was just 23 years old.

I once treated my hair, but it did a lot more harm than good.

Over the years, I had come to accept it, but I, too, had dull, lifeless looking hair. I hated it. I was at my wits end until a Chinese herbalist named Chen told me about this Chinese Secret.

This Chinese Secret has been so effective that mom and I are both getting compliments on the appearance of our hair for the first time in years! I love it. It’s done wonders for my ego!

If You Too Want Thick, Lustrous,
Healthy Hair, this Chinese Secret Can Help Restore Its Youthful Appearance!

If I were to guarantee you a full head of youthful hair just for trying this Chinese Secret, you would probably have your doubts about our words and our sanity.

So instead, let us just tell you that those who have used this Chinese Secret in the U.S. over a 6-month period are amazed at the results and are receiving compliments from friends and associates. The results speak for themselves!*

(This is a true story!)

If You Want Lustrous Youthful Looking Hair, Please Read On…

Here’s what I learned, quite by accident,
from this mysterious herbalist named Chen …

For centuries, the Chinese have used this secret restorative herb. They speak of its ability to restore dull, thin-appearing hair to its original youthful thickness and luster — without sticky creams or artificial chemicals.

Healthier You Shou Wu SupplementI carefully researched the sources of this herb, and located an obscure supplier.

Now I’ve created a product based on the Chinese Secret that Chen the old herbalist told me about, and I call our new product “SHOU WU.”

I honestly believe in SHOU WU. I know you will too.

After all, Chinese herbology is the oldest, professional, continually practiced in the world – almost 5,000 years old! Currently, one-fourth of the world’s population makes use of it!

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Shou Wu Ingredients

Shou wu ingredientsHow Does Shou Wu Work?

Fo-ti root is the long-hidden Chinese secret for thicker, fuller, healthier hair. Now available in the West, it’s been the Chinese answer to thinning, graying hair for centuries. Shou Wu contains fo-ti root in the levels shown to deliver the most benefits.  Try it today!

Fo-Ti Is Just What You Need for Healthy Hair

Summertime is upon us and you know what that means: Lots of sun and wind exposure outside which can lead to damaged hair.

Sun, wind, salt water and chlorine are just four of the things you expose your hair to in the summer. And all of these can damage your hair from creating split ends to making hair brittle at the roots.

Then there’s your scalp. Yes, you can rub sun protection lotion onto the part in your hair but that doesn’t protect the hair itself. And, sometimes, a hat just isn’t practical. If you love spritzing your hair with lemon juice or sun activator to lighten the color … and, men, you know you do this too! … this kind of additive can speed up hair damage.

Ancient Chinese Secret

If you’ve ever admired the dark, glossy hair on Asian men and women, now you can discover their secret: Fo-Ti root.

Fo-Ti is also known in Asia as “He Shou Wu” which, when translated, means Black-Haired Mr. He. This legend came about because when people used Fo-Ti root their hair grew in dark and gave them a much more youthful appearance.

What Is Fo-Ti?

Fo-Ti Root is known by other names as well: Fallopia multiflora and Polygonum multiflorum. It’s a plant native to central and southern China. Fo-ti can grow as high as 30 feet tall and is considered a perennial so it comes back year after year as a sustainable product.

Dating back to the 8th century, Fo-Ti is one of China’s great four tonics but please know that it also has stimulant laxative properties so it’s a good idea to check with your healthcare provider before using it especially if you’re already taking a laxative.

Studies have found that this ingredient can help rejuvenate cells and follicles in your scalp which enables your hair to grow in thicker and healthier.

Where can you get Fo-Ti root?

You can get Fo-ti root in Shou Wu, by Best Life Herbals.  Shou Wu is one of our best-selling overall health products but you know what comments we get more than any others?  It makes hair grow strong, healthy and youthful for both men and women. And when your hair looks great, your confidence grows. You look younger and feel younger too.

Shou Wu has one ingredient and that’s 500 milligrams of Fo-Ti Root. And while we’ve only talked about its ability to help you grow the hair color of your youth for a younger look and feel, there’s the added benefit of helping with hair that’s been thinning.

Think about how beautiful Asian hair is. It’s silky, full and shiny. With Shou Wu your hair can have those same qualities. And your scalp will also benefit from Fo-Ti Root because this wonderful ingredient helps revitalize skin as well.

Here’s What’s So Special About
Our Chinese Prepared Formula…

Herbal products from China are prepared in a variety of ways. At HEALTHIER YOU, we use only “extracted” herb powder as opposed to “ground” herb powder. Extracted herb powder is far more expensive to produce — up to 20 times more expensive, in fact, than regular ground herb powder.

What does this mean to you? It means that our “Shou Wu” is powerfully “concentrated.” How concentrated? Well, for every 120 pounds of herbs used in the manufacture of this “nature’s wonder,” only 10 pounds of pure extract is actually utilized.

That is a 12:1 ratio. Super-potent in anyone’s book!

This translates into a clearly superior value for you. By the way, very few store-bought herbal products are made using this costly procedure — but rather they are simply herbs crushed into powder.

Plus SHOU WU™ is for Men and Women!

I have been taking Shou Wu for over 3 weeks now and my hair has never been this soft and shiny before. Everyone at work noticed the difference. They asked me what new product did I use on my hair. I simply told them about Shou Wu and they were amazed. I love the difference it has made, so does my husband. Thank you.
— Jen. H., Bayshore, New York

Although there may be imitators, no one else has our exclusive brand of “Shou Wu.” Let me tell you why it is great for men and women of all ages…

For many people (my mother and I included), “Shou Wu” enhances the growth and texture of hair. It restores the appearance of the thicker-looking, rich-bodied hair they had in their younger days.

Available Only Through This Special Offer

I ordered your product “Shou Wu” only in the hope that it might return some life into what my stylist called “dry like straw” hair.The sheen I was looking for showed up within 3 weeks; and dark hair is now replacing the gray hair within 2 months of using your fantastic product. In today’s world almost no product lives up to its advertising. In my case, Shou Wu surpasses my wildest expectation! Thank you for providing an outstanding product!
— David J. Poulsko, WA

Now for the first time since the Tong Dynasty, a version of this time-tested original Chinese hair restorative is being exported to us, here in the United States.

“Shou Wu He” is not readily available in the U.S. or anywhere else for that matter.

It is harvested in the mountainous He Nan and Wu Bei provinces in China.

This amazing all-natural restorative supplement is extracted from an herb called Polygonaceae, as well as from the sought after root of the wild Eastern Rose plant.

Not a “magic pill”

This special “Shou Wu Healthier You” botanical has been tested on people all over the world, for centuries. Because it is all-natural, there are absolutely no toxic or negative side effects whatsoever.

Healthier You Shou Wu Supplement

Also, please remember, because “Shou Wu Healthier You” is an herb, you should not expect to see instant results.

It takes a little time to tone the glands to function normally again. For most people, results may be seen in as early as 60-90 days.

I hope you will try Shou Wu yourself – and that you will personally discover the Chinese secret to fuller, more lustrous looking hair and a more youthful appearance.

Give it a try for 3 months or so. A real try. Don’t be surprised if you, too, find yourself receiving compliments from friends and family.

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

I hope you will try “Shou Wu” yourself — and that you will personally discover the Chinese secret to fuller, more lustrous looking hair and a more youthful appearance.

Mom is thrilled. I think you will be too!

Give it a try for 3 months or so. A real try. Don’t be surprised if you, too, find yourself receiving compliments from friends and family.

You must be completely satisfied with your results, or I expect you to return the unused portion within 90 days for a prompt, full refund of the purchase price. Remember, I’m not satisfied until you are.

To order, simply click here. Thanks for listening.


Jack Danforth, President

P.S. Since “Shou Wu Healthier You” is a Chinese herb — not a drug — it may take awhile to achieve the optimal results. It works gradually, but the results speak for themselves. Therefore, I highly recommend you start with at least two bottles. Preferably four. I’m genuinely excited about the results people are achieving with our “Shou Wu Healthier You” I know you will be too. Remember, I guarantee it,or your money back!

P.P.S. We only have a limited supply of “Shou Wu Healthier You” on hand. The way things look, we could be sold out in no time. It will take 4 weeks or so to restock and I’m sure you don’t want to wait. To avoid any disappointment, please click here to order today. We’ll ship it to you within 48 hours.

P.P.P.S. As an additional benefit, you’ll also get the Advanced Natural Wellness Bulletin: This exclusive daily newsletter brings you the latest discoveries in natural medicine from around the world. Every issue brings you practical, easy-to-use tips that’ll help you live a longer, healthier, more enjoyable life and solve tough health issues.

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