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Delta Som Reviews

Let Your Worries Go and Sleep

When you’re all keyed up, it’s awfully hard to sleep, isn’t it? And it’s almost impossible to avoid worries these days. If it’s not work, it’s family responsibility. And if it’s not family concerns, there are plenty of other things to worry about.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to relax and fall asleep? To shut off the thoughts rushing through your brain, close your eyes, and enjoy a good night’s sleep?


Well, chances are you can. The secret is hidden in a lovely blossom called Passiflora incarnate… or purple passionflower.


The Cherokee called this beautiful vine “ocoee.” And they were using it in herbal remedies long before Columbus arrived.


Nowadays, it’s best known for helping people relax… but most people have no idea just how well it works.


A recent study tested passionflower on dental patients. Just one dose of passionflower extract helped patients feel about one-third less worry before dental procedures. Other patients were given a placebo. Their worry levels didn’t budge.1

In a 2nd study, doctors split a group of surgical patients into two groups. One group was given passionflower extract before surgery. The 2nd group took a look-alike placebo.


Doctors tested their volunteers’ worry levels before they took the pills, before surgery, and after their surgery. The 1st group became calmer after taking the passionflower. And they remained calmer after the surgery. The placebo group didn’t see any benefit.2

Now, if passionflower can calm people before dental work and surgery, imagine how well it could work for you. And not just to help you feel calmer. But to help you get to sleep, too.


There aren’t a lot of sleep studies using passionflower. However, those I’ve found show it works well.


For example, Italian scientists gave a passionflower extract to a group of animals. After taking the extract, the animals slept significantly longer than when not taking it.3

Volunteers in a recent human study also slept better with passionflower.

Doctors in Australia gathered volunteers with sleep problems. They gave the volunteers either passionflower tea or a similar drink without passionflower.

The passionflower group slept better after just one dose.4


Passionflower’s secret appears to be that it contains a substance called chrysin. In animal studies, chrysin acts on special receptors in the brain.5


Normally, a neurotransmitter called “GABA” attaches to these receptors. And GABA’s main job is to calm nerves. When your GABA levels rise, your brain naturally relaxes.

The chrysin in passionflower seems to act in the same way. The result is a calm that makes falling asleep easier.

If your brain sometimes races at bedtime, or if worries sometimes get you down, passionflower is worth a try. As part of a comprehensive formula, it may be one of the most effective vitamins and herbs for better sleep.

 Yours in continued good health,

Dr Kenneth Woliner, M.D.

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DeltaSom Supplement Reviews

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