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Protein powders and the obesity epidemic

The root cause of obesity is clear. No, the problem is not calories and fat in the diet. Rather, it is the modern emphasis on sugars and starchy carbohydrates.

Every obese person has this dietary flaw. It begins in youth when there is absolutely no discretion used in food selection other than sweet. An addiction is created. In adults who are no longer growing or expending energy like kids do, the carbohydrates convert to body fat.

The problem is, sugars and starches are not the natural diet of humans. Where in the wild would you find such things in sufficient quantity to survive on? Nowhere.

Carbohydrates create and and then spare body fat. Thus they must be significantly reduced if you are to win the weight—and health—battle.

Replacing the carbs with protein and fat will eliminate excess weight, plain and simple. Protein powders and protein shakes used to replace meals can help immensely. The problem is, most protein powders are loaded with sugars, defeating the objective. Protein Key™ is different: just high quality protein and a host of health—generating natural nutraceuticals.

To learn more about weight management, get Dr. Wysong’s The Synorgon Dietbook, (free to customers), enroll in the free weight loss program, and follow the Optimal Health Program as best you can. A new you awaits.

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Words of wisdom: “There are many who find a good alibi far more attractive than an achievement. For an achievement does not settle anything permanently. We still have to prove our worth anew each day: we have to prove that we are as good today as we were yesterday. But when we have a valid alibi for not achieving anything we are fixed, so to speak, for life.” —Eric Hoffer

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What is Different About Protein Key™?

To compare Protein Key™ to other products, see this chart. For example, what other product has highest quality protein, probiotics, enzymes, omega 3s, vitamins, minerals, immune stimulants and other natural nutraceuticals? None that we know of. And no other product offers health specific formulations.

All of these nutrients make a difference, and Protein Key™ works.

TC in California writes: “I have used the grocery and *** whey products for years. I never noticed a difference. Your product keeps me trim, energetic, and with few of the recurring winter illnesses I always got.”

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Cheaper Protein Supplements

Of course there are many cheaper protein supplements than Protein Key™, but Protein Key™ was not made to achieve a price point. Its purpose is health.

Protein is an important part of Protein Key™, but the spectrum of nutraceuticals is also very important. Some of these nutraceuticals cost over $200 per kilogram. Protein Key™ imparts numerous benefits not found in cheaper alternatives. For more information visit the Unique Features section of the Protein Key™ website.

As is often the case in life, you get what you pay for.

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We wanted to introduce you to our newest Protein Key™ formulation, Essentials.

Protein Key™ Essentials was engineered with health and affordability in mind. It’s also our most protein-rich Protein Key™ formulation with minimum 30 grams per serving!

While Essentials is a slightly toned down and more affordable protein formulation as compared to other Protein Key™ options, don’t think for a minute that we’ve skimped on the nutrients – we’ve chocked it full of as many nutrients as possible while keeping price down, relatively speaking. But Essentials is no run of the mill, big box store protein…

The Essentials formula includes a premium quality protein blend, as well as digestive nutrients, and a spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Protein Key’s unique micronutrients and nutraceuticals, including prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals work to encourage proper digestion and overall health.

Essentials can be used as a standalone protein supplement, or as an adjunct to other Protein Key™ formulations.

The best kind of vitamins and minerals in protein powders

All vitamins and minerals are not alike. Although they may appear the same on a label, nutrients as found in natural foods can be much different than those produced in a chemist’s lab. For example, many vitamins can exist in either a right- or left-handed molecular form. The body may only be able to use the left-handed form, but common supplements and fortifiers usually contain the laboratory right-handed form.

This is why the vitamins and minerals in Protein Key™ protein powder are either derived directly from the natural ingredients or mimic their important natural features. For example, chelated minerals that are attached to proteins, as in natural foods and Protein Key™, are much better absorbed than synthetics. Mixed vitamin E tocopherols as found in natural foods and Protein Key™ are far superior to the isolated synthetic DL-vitamin E form.

When you hear news reports about this or that vitamin or nutrient not being effective, or causing a health problem, you can virtually always trace such results back to the use of unnatural forms of nutrients.

Emphasize natural foods in your diet and also take advantage of the many health advantages of the natural technology built into each Protein Key™ formulation.

Words of wisdom: The unintelligent are fixated on short cycles, the intelligent have their eyes on the horizon.

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Pets and protein powder

Yes you can give Protein Key to your pets too. They will benefit just like you do. Just sprinkle this nutritious protein powder enhanced with nutraceuticals on wet food or mix in. Don’t forget that Wysong produces an entire range of pet foods, treats, and supplements. All of them have the same health giving know how and technology as Protein Key™ protein powder.

Some pets are now living into their mid-twenties on Wysong products, an unprecedented age. Here are some of the unsolicited believe it or not testimonials:

“My Vet, who is now retired, gave me your CD and told me about Wysong about 10 years ago. It totally changed my attitude about “grocery store” cat & dog food—and the effect on my cats’ and dog’s health has been pronounced…More energy, healthier and shiny coats, and longer life. My old feline friend Amber just passed away last week at 23 years…running around and enjoying life to the very end! Your Vitality, as well as your canned food, has phenomenal results, and I believe Amber made it to 23 years in large part because of your food. My 4-legged friends devour ALL your food – there are never any leftovers like there are with other canned foods. Thank you for an outstanding product!!” K.C., Ripon, WI

“I have fed Wysong since 1990, and have had great success!! I LOVE WYSONG!! My Aussie lived to be 17 and my cat 22 years!!” K.B., Morrison, CO

“I recently purchased a small pet food store in San Francisco from a long time owner. He was a proponent of Wysong, and relayed a true story to me regarding a customer’s cat that lived 34 years on strictly Wysong diets.” San Francisco, CA

“I have been a grateful longtime customer of yours, and am convinced that your products have added and continue to add years to my beloved 21-year old cat’s life. Thank you.” Dallas, TX

“Hi, I have written to you before in appreciation, but this time I am sending a picture of my 21.5 year old Siamese cat Snardler. We switched to Wysong Feline Vitality six years ago after a health scare and subsequently added Wysong Archetype. I had thought I was going to lose my beloved pet, and consulted a cat naturopath and author of a book on cat health. After taking her list of “must have” nutrients and searching the Internet, I found Wysong. Snardler’s still jumping! I can’t say enough good things about your products. Also, this finicky eater gobbles up your food. It must be very tasty! Thanks for contributing to her long and healthy life.” S.M., New York, NY

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Protein powder and muscle building

Athletes and body builders will find the Athlete and Muscle Protein Keys™ far more beneficial than ordinary protein powders. The candied whey protein powders filling store shelves may have grams of protein, but the sugars in them are corrosive to health. Nor do they contain the spectrum of important nutraceuticals of Protein Key™.

Muscle and strength are more than body building, which has to do more with appearance, than purpose or health. Muscle is important to everyone.

Sarcopenia is the name for muscle decline as a result of unuse and aging. Loss of muscle mass predisposes one to fatty weight gain and susceptibility to injury and falls. Not to mention the inability to run, lift, jump, or protect one’s self.

Don’t think of muscle and strength as something you can take or leave. It is critical to health and you need to eat and exercise to increase or maintain it regardless of age.

It’s never too late to begin and a healthy protein powder will do wonders on the food side of the nutrition-exercise equation.

Results How Quickly?

Protein Key™ is not a quick fix silver bullet. It is a body and metabolism trainer. Training takes time. If you have been doing pretty well with food and lifestyle, results will be more subtle and take more time. If you are eating standard fare, no supplements, and are a couch potato, then results can be dramatic in a matter of weeks. Be patient. Do what is intelligent and right. With patience and persistence your body will thank you with the wonderful gift of health. coupon code, coupon codes, discount code, promo code, reviews, review, protein coupon code, protein, proteinkey coupon code, proteinkey reviews, proteinkey coupons,

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