PHENBLUE Reviews – Does it Scam or NOT?

PHENBLUE Reviews – Does it Scam or NOT?


PhenBlue is an exceptionally high-quality, nutraceutical capsule that has been specifically created to mimic the many benefits of the most effective prescription diet drugs, such as Phentermine Blue, and MORE! Not only does PHENBLUE give prescription-strength Appetite Suppression, Metabolism Enhancement and an Energy Boost, but it also SCULPTS YOUR BODY to reveal a new, healthier you.PHENBLUE Reviews

Do not waste your time or money with other products that are ineffective or dangerous. The PHENBLUE formula includes 100% Scientifically Researched Ingredients that are all CLINICALLY PROVEN to promote weight loss and improve physique.

Reach your true potential by making the most out of every diet effort you make with PhenBlue. These Clear & Blue Capsules contain an industry-leading formulation of the most powerful and clinically-researched ingredients that are PROVEN TO HELP YOU SHED STUBBORN BODY FAT!*

PhenBlue gives you a total body approach to losing weight and getting a more fit body. PHENBLUE CAPSULES can help you lose even the most stubborn weight with it’s science backed formula that:

  • Clinically proven Weight Loss Ingredients
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Diet Supplement
  • Works Like Phentermine
  • Burn Fat 24 Hours a Day


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Phenblue Reviews

 PhenBlue Ingredients

The PhenBlue proprietary formula is made up of the highest quality ingredients in order to ensure the fastest and easiest weight loss results that can be achieved outside a prescription. In fact, the scientists who engineered this diet pill took meticulous care to ensure that it closely mirrors the benefits of the leading prescription drugs, such as Phentermine, but without the powerful side effects or risk of addiction that can be caused by that medication.The ingredients that make up the proprietary formula for PhenBlue are:

  •  1,3,7-trimethylxanthine,
  •  5-Hydroxytryptophan,
  •  7-Keto-Dehydroepiandrosterone Acetate,
  • Epigallocatechin 3-Gallate,
  • Forskolin

1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine is a stimulant that is also commonly called caffeine anhydrous. It has been PHENBLUE Reviews scientifically studied to reveal a wide range of different benefits, many of which can help a dieter to lose weight more quickly and without as many unpleasant symptoms. Among the known advantages of using this ingredient for that purpose are: appetite suppression, powerful fat burning, metabolism enhancement, and increased energy levels. It can also help with improved focus, alertness, and concentration. Some research has also indicated that the chances of developing metabolic syndrome decrease when this ingredient is used in appropriate quantities.

The next active ingredient in PhenBlue is 5-Hydroxytryptophan. It was also selected due to its known safety and effectiveness, but in the case of this ingredient, which is also more commonly known as 5-HTP, the benefits are slightly different. It is a naturally occurring chemical that can be found within the body, and which produces a number of important reactions that encourage more effective weight loss when it is supplemented. Clinical study has clearly shown that when dieters used this ingredient, their food consumption shrank as their use of the ingredient rose. Other research also showed that those who take it have a tendency to eat more slowly. This encourages a smaller amount of food consumption because it allows the brain enough time to halt the hunger signals after less food has been eaten. Furthermore, 5-HTP has been known to decrease the frequency of eating, including snacking.

The third ingredient in PhenBlues formulation is 7-Keto-Dehydroepiandrosterone Acetate. The reason that it was chosen is that it has been widely recognized throughout the weight loss industry as a powerful substance that encourages thermogenesis. This effect has been scientifically studied over many years by scientists and doctors who have sought to understand its broad spectrum of benefits. As an ingredient that promotes thermogenesis, it means that it functions by increasing the body temperature. In order to do this, the body must use fuel, in the form of calories from food or stored fat from the body. Also known as 7-Keto, when this ingredient is combined with a fitness level appropriate cardio exercises, it helps the body to burn an exceptionally high amount of fat and calories.

Epigallocatechin 3-Gallate, better recognized as EGCG, is a vital part of the overall PhenBlue ingredients combination. Its benefits are widely recognized among a number of different health and medical industries and has been used in traditional medicines for centuries. This is because it is known to help to reduce cancer risk, boost the bodys ability for cellular and tissue damage repair, and encourage effective weight loss, among other benefits. This water soluble antioxidant is naturally found in green tea and the advantages of its use are supported by many years of clinical study . It has shown to provide obese patients with highly effective fat burning as it boosts the metabolism, while decreasing the symptoms of fatty liver and metabolic syndrome.

Finally, but still importantly, Forskolin makes up the last ingredient in the PhenBlue list. This substance was chosen because it is naturally derived from the Coleus Forskohlii plant, and has been scientifically studied for its ability to assist dieters in reducing their body fat levels. This is accomplished primarily through the benefit it offers for building lean muscle mass. Therefore, when combined with a healthy daily workout, muscle will grow more quickly. Muscles are natural calorie burning machines, meaning that the bigger they are, the easier it is for dieters to burn off the calories from foods and the fats that are stored on their bodies.

PhenBlue Customer Reviews

First…i am a real person. Second- i know most of you wont believe that. So here i go anyway….. Ive only been taking PhenBlue for one full week (8 days) and i have to say im really happy. i can feel my body getting used to it a bit- i have a BIT of hungry today, while last week i often was “forgetting” to eat. But ill admit- theres always a level of excitement with a new diet or diet pill- so maybe im still in the honeymoon phase. But my biggest impression is the mood im in! Again, maybe this is a honeymoon effect- but i am in a great mood! I feel good. Im NOT exercising as i should so i can not speak to the energy potential. I have cut coffee 100% OUT of my diet. Which is awesome because that means im cutting out at least 200-400 cal a day. I have moments where i am seriously craving the coffee and moments where i am a bit sleepy but overall i have no true need to ingest caffeine to wake up. At night im a bit sleepy, and have a hard time getting to sleep- but one benedryl helps that (ive only had to do that three days- so about 50% of the time do to my normal inability to sleep anyway). So far, i HIGHLY recommend. Ill have to visit back later to let you know if it actually continues to work. Its really helping me to enjoy diet foods though, because im not STARVING and in a bad mood. Instead im slightly hungry twice maybe three times a day and just a little bit of food covers my desire. I really hope this keeps up, if so Ill buy stock in this product! 🙂


My son’s wedding is in 4 months and I want to look my best for his big day. I have promised myself that I will lose 25 pounds before than. I know I’m going to reach my goal. I’ve been taking PhenBlue for only 3 weeks and I’ve already lost 10 pounds. Who knows, at this rate I may even exceed my goal and lose 35 pounds instead!!

Jane T

PhenBlue is fantastic! My friend recommended to me and she wasn’t kidding when she said it was awesome. I’m actually going out shopping with her tomorrow because I need new clothes because my old stuff is getting too big hahaha!




PhenBlue is a nonprescription diet pill that has been carefully and scientifically designed to ensure the fastest and yet safest possible weight loss. Its formulation closely mimics the benefits of the leading prescription diet drugs, which means that it works by boosting the metabolism, while it provides appetite suppression and an energy enhancement that is comparable to that of Phentermine.PHENBLUE Side Effects

It is in this way that PhenBlue works to help dieters to achieve consistent fat loss all day long. It is made up of the highest quality ingredients that have each been studied to ensure their effectiveness and their safety. This makes it a product that is unlike any other over the counter diet capsule that is currently available.

To make sure that PhenBlue works at its most effective level, it is important that the directions on the package be closely followed. This means that it should be taken approximately a half hour before breakfast, with a full glass of water, and then again a half hour before lunch with another 8 ounces of water. It should not be considered to be a weight loss program all on its own, but is, instead, designed to be used in conjunction with a complete plan. This should include a calorie reduced diet and a regular exercise program, as directed by a doctor.

PhenBlue works in a number of different ways to make sure that a dieter will be able to follow a diet more closely and lose weight more quickly and easily. To start, it revs up the metabolism which allows the body to burn more fat and calories than it would when unassisted. Furthermore, while the body is already burning its way through calories at a faster rate, it also suppresses the appetite so that the user feels less inclined to eat large amounts of food and there is a lower chance of food cravings or need for snacking. When following a reduced calorie diet, this elimination of hunger pangs makes the entire process much easier to accomplish.

Beyond that, PhenBlue also increases the energy levels of the body. This makes it much simpler to power through a daily workout program. Furthermore, as it enhances the mood, motivation levels will stay high, so there is less of a risk of giving up on the diet or skipping workouts.
These effects, combined, allow PhenBlue to provide an overall dieting experience that has a greater chance of success.

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Phenblue is the best Phentermine alternative online.

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