Meladerm Cream Reviews – CIVANT SKINCARE

Meladerm Cream Reviews - CIVANT SKINCARE

Meladerm Cream Reviews – CIVANT SKINCARE

Natural skin lightening products for fading age spots, sun damage, skin discolorations and hyperpigmentation. Try it risk FREE for 30 days!

WHAT IS CIVANT Meladerm Cream?

Meladerm Cream is at its heart, a skin lightening product. It’s aim is to reduce the sign of discolored and hyperpigmented skin, including dark spots and scars. With noticeable results within only two weeks of starting to use it.

It is a natural product that does not contain many of the potentially harmful and irritating ingredients found in a lot of skin care products, such as hydroquinone, parabens and steroids. This makes it a potentially safer and a more viable choice for people with sensitive skin, in particular.

In the spring of 1999, Civant Skin Care embarked on a product development plan of the company more powerful skin lightening. Not only was this formula destined to be effective but also safe for normal use. Although the idea was fairly simple, the research and development to create a product of this type was surprisingly extensive. Each possible factor was considered in the creation of this revolutionary formula.
At the end, the product was officially named Civant Skin Care Meladerm® and this new formula incorporates the latest industry research and cutting-edge technologies. And after four years of tests and trials, it was finally available to the public in the fall of 2003. Since then, our team of R&D team has been improving continuously the formula with new innovations making Civant Meladerm® formula most advanced on the market today.

Meladerm Cream ON SALE

Meladerm Cream Reviews - CIVANT SKINCARE

Meladerm® Price: As low as: $49.99

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Where can I purchase Civant Meladerm products?

You may place an order through our website at any time.  The Civant® brand products are also available through select medical offices, spas, estheticians and specialized clinics.

Are Meladerm Safe for Long Term Use? Do they contain any harmful substances like hydroquinone or mercury?

Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream DO NOT include any hydroquinone, mercury or steroids in our products. All of our natural extracts are filtered and sterilized for optimum efficiency and safety. As with all cosmetic products, please consult with a dermatologist prior to use. Long term treatments with any skin care product should be monitored by a medical professional.
 Meladerm Cream Reviews - CIVANT SKINCARE

Meladerm Cream Side Effects?

Everyone’s skin and body is different. Because of this, there is a very small chance that your skin may be allergic to the ingredients in our products. Our ingredients are generally tolerated by most individuals, however, there are some skin types which may be extremely sensitive. Some individuals may experience a slight redness or darkening of the treated areas in the first few days while their skin adjusts to the product. We recommend that all of our customers test for allergic reactions by applying a small amount on the neck or arm for 3 days (prior to using on the face). If your skin is overly sensitive to any of the ingredients in our formula, we suggest you discontinue use.

The ingredients in Civant Skin Care Meladerm Cream are not classified as carcinogens. As with most skin care products, your skin may become extra sensitive to the sun during use. Heavy sun exposure or the use of tanning beds and/or sun lamps may increase the risk of skin cancer in individuals with fair skin. We recommend the use of a sun block while treating your skin with any of our products.


Meladerm® cream  works by combining the well documented properties of the most beneficial and safest active ingredients. Most of the active ingredients in the formula are derived from natural extracts such as Mulberry, Licorice and Bearberry plants. Civant Skin Care puts your safety above anything else. Our products contain absolutely no hydroquinone, mercury, steroids or other harmful bleaching substances.

Your skin color comes from a natural pigment called melanin. Melanin pigment is synthesized in specialized cytoplasmic organelles called melanosomes. Within the melanosome, the enzymatic conversion of the amino acid tyrosine to melanin is catalyzed by the enzyme tyrosinase. The melanosomes in darker portions of the skin are more active than those found in normal areas of the body. Ideally, it is best to target this process in multiple ways by dealing with not only the melanosomes, but also the enzyme tyrosinase.

In order to naturally fade dark skin spots and obtain an even complexion, you must dedicate time and patience to the process. When combined with exfoliation agents, Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream often provides initial results within 2 weeks of use, however, full results generally take 2-3 months and vary based on the individual’s specific skin physiology and condition.


Alpha Arbutin:Meladerm Cream Reviews - CIVANT SKINCARE

Alpha-Arbutin is a biosynthetic active ingredient that is pure, water-soluble and is manufactured in a powder form. As one of the most advanced skin lightening ingredients on the market, it has been shown to work effectively on all skin types. It is the epimer of arbutin, and research has proven that it has a stronger inhibitory action than that of (beta) arbutin. Though it is a very expensive ingredient to manufacture, even at very low concentrations, a-arbutin has shown to inhibit the activity of tyrosinase. Alpha Arbutin’s inhibitory mechanism is different from that of arbutin and can be up to 10 times more effective. The a-glucosidic bond found in alpha Arbutin offers higher stability and efficancy than the B form found in the related Beta-Arbutin. This leads to a skin whitening active that acts faster and more efficiently than existing single components.

Tego Cosmo C:

TEGO® Cosmo C 250 is a natural amino acid derivative that has been demonstrated to inhibit tyrosinase activity in melanocytes. It can be used in applications such as skin brightening products and fade creams to improve the clarity and eveness of skin tone. The inherent buffering properties of TEGO® CosmoC 250 also help to maintain a desirable pH mantle on the skin.


Gigawhite is a plant-derived, preservative-free skin lightener used as an alternative to hydroquinone. It is composed of seven organically grown Swiss alpine plants including Malva Sylvestris Extract, Mentha Piperita Leaf Extract, Primula Veris Extract, Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract, Veronica Officinalis Extract, Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract and Achillea Millefolium Extract. Gigawhite at 5% has been proven to have a significant skin brightening effect with regular topical use. It was additionally shown to reduce the color and size of age spots in a twelve week “in vivo” study.

Kojic Acid:

Kojic acid, often used as an ingredient in Asian diets, is a more recent discovery for the treatment of pigmentation problems and age spots. Discovered in 1989, kojic acid is now used extensively as a natural alternative to hydroquinone. Kojic acid is derived from a fungus, and studies have shown that it is effective as a lightening agent, inhibiting production of melanin (brown pigment). Kojic acid is a by-product in the fermentation process of malting rice for use in the manufacturing of sake, the Japanese rice wine. There is convincing research, both in vitro (in a test tube) and in vivo (on a live subject), showing kojic acid to be effective for inhibiting melanin production.

Licorice Extract:

The licorice plant serves many purposes in skin care. The ingredient that is responsible for the skin whitening aspect of the plant is known as glabridin. Glabridin inhibits pigmentation by preventing tyrosinase activation. Studies have shown that it can provide a considerable skin brightening effect while remaining non-toxic to the melanin forming cells. Glabridin is found in very small traces and therefore it is important to ensure that the correct part of the licorice plant is used. Licorice’s anti-inflammatory properties (due to ihibition of superoxide anion production and cyclooxygenase activity) also make it a very popular ingredient in the skin care industry.


Niacinamide is commonly known as Vitamin B3 and is an effective skin lightening compound that works by inhibiting melanosome transfer from melanocytes to keratinocytes. Often this ingredient works best when combined with other skin lightening treatments. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) is also known to be effective in reducing acne.

Mulberry Extract:

Paper Mulberry extract, is obtained from the root of Broussonetia kazinoki, Siebold. or B. papyrifera, Vent. Tabl. Regn. Veget. or hybrids of both, family Moraceae. Extracts of this root are potent inhibitors of Tyrosinase enzyme. The active constituents present in the extract are Prenylated, polyhydroxylated mono-and bis-phenylderivatives. A 0.4% concentration of paper mulberry extract inhibits tyrosinase by 50% compared to 5.5% for hydroquinone and 10.0% for kojic acid. At 1% paper mulberry extract is not a significant irritant.

Bearberry Extract (Arbutin):

Bearberry Extract is derived from the Uva Ursi plant and is a natural alternative to synthetic hydroquinone. It is often referred to as Beta-Arbutin or simply Arbutin. Bearberry Extract provides a skin lightening effect by inhibiting tyrosinase activity. Though arbutin is a natural derivative of hydroquinone, it does not possess the same risks or side effects. Arbutin has been shown to be a very safe ingredient and does not break down into hydroquionone very readily. Though it is cheaper to manufacture than Alpha-Arbutin, the skin lightening effect is much less than that of its counterpart. For this reason, many new skin whitening products now use Alpha Arbutin as opposed to only beta-Arbutin.

Glycolic Acid:

Glycolic Acid is a AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) which promotes exfoliation and a natural brightening of the skin tone. By encouraging cell turnover, glycolic acid not only evens out skin discolorations, but also helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. AHA’s such as Glycolic Acid can assist other ingredients in skin lighteners by allowing them to penetrate farther into the skin.

Lactic Acid:

Also an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), Lactic acid mimics the properties of Glycolic acid but is typically better suited for individuals with sensitive skin. AHA’s such as Lacic Acid can assist other ingredients in skin lighteners by allowing them to penetrate farther into the skin.

Lemon Juice Extract:

Lemon juice is one of nature’s most potent skin bleaching ingredients. Unfortunately it is also very irritating to the skin and should only be used at small concentrations in skin lighteners. Lemon juice is also known to be extremely drying to the skin if applied directly.

Emblica Extract:

Emblica is a patented composition extracted from the plant Phyllanthus emblica. The extract uses a multilevel cascade of antioxidant compounds resulting in a long-lasting and stable antioxidant activity. Recent studies have shown that this natural antioxidant also provides significant skin lightening properties when used in moderate concentrations.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that occurs in many different forms (some stable and others unstable) each with distinct properties. Several of these forms have been shown to reduce melanin formation and provide a skin whitening effect when applied topically. These include l-ascorbic acid, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate and sodium ascorbyl phosphate. These forms when used individually or together can assist in slowing down hyperactive melanocytes and thus resulting in lighter skin.

Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

Vitamin K:

Clinical uses of vitamin K in the past have been directly linked with its ability to influence coagulation. The use of an effective Vitamin K formulation can help fade the appearance of mild vascular lesions. It is also very effective at fading the appearance of under-eye circles caused by dark blood vessels underlying the skin.

Rice Bran Protein, Soybean Protein, Oxido Reductases:

An active ingredient that reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. It improves micro-circulation, strengthens native collagen and elastin matrix, and reduces the presence of free radicals to delay the visible signs of premature aging. Exerts a positive localized effect on the hemodynamic properties of the blood to improve oxygen supply to the tissue. The complex inhibits elastase and collagenases, thereby reducing the effects of chronic UV radiation on the connective tissue, to help the skin retain its natural texture.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Ceramide 2, Palmiteyl Oligopeptide:

A new anhydrous ingredient based on peptide technology, utilizes a Matrikine-Ceramide 2 concept to combat the signs of aging and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Ceramide 2 enhances water retention, reduces skin dryness and is involved in moisturization maintenance and the cohesion and renewal of the epidermis. This ingredient has a significant effect on reducing the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet.


Argireline is manufactured by Lipotec, a Spanish company. It is also known by it’s scientific (INCI) name, Acetyl Hexapeptide-3. It works by inhibiting the release of neurotransmitters. When applied to the skin, Argireline relaxes facial tension leading to the reduction in facial lines and wrinkles with regular use.

No hydroquinone, mercury, steroids, or parabens

What makes Civant Meladerm® Cream more effective than other similar products on the market?

There are hundreds of skin lightening products already on the market. You may even see creams that contain the same active ingredients as CIVANT Meladerm Cream. So what makes the CIVANT Meladerm Cream formula so unique? Simply put, research! Though a low grade product might contain similar ingredients, it doesn’t guarantee its effectiveness. In order to harness the true power of the active ingredients, great care must be taken when manufacturing the product. Light and air can easily deteriorate substances like Kojic Acid. Other ingredients must be carefully stored in vacuum desiccators in order to preserve their shelf life. Furthermore, the Civant team takes great effort to micronize and filter all of our active ingredients and extracts for superior efficiency. Most cheaper quality manufacturers do not take these precautions. When creating a product, the base ingredients are just as important as the active ones. It is important to choose proper carriers and liposomes to ensure that the active ingredients are absorbed deeply into the skin. It is also wise to include effective preservatives and moisturizers to ensure minimal skin irritation. Meladerm® Cream contains the highest concentrations of active ingredients tolerated by the skin. The use of special base ingredients and high quality actives is what brings out the true effectiveness of the formula and sets us apart from other manufacturers.

Meladerm VS SkinBright Compare


CIVANT Skincare Meladerm for Sale

Meladerm Cream Reviews - CIVANT SKINCARE

Meladerm® Price: As low as: $49.99

No Meladerm Coupon Code Need!


Meladerm Cream Usage Directions:

Wash and dry skin. Apply an even layer over the affected area twice daily. Massage thoroughly until cream is absorbed completely into the skin. Best results if used after exfoliation scrub. As with all skin care products, please consult with a dermatologist prior to use if you have any underlying medical conditions or general concerns. Long term treatments with any product should be monitored by a medical professional.

  • Apply once in the morning and once at night for best results.
  • The use of an additional wide spectrum sunblock of SPF 30 (or higher) is strongly recommended.
  • Wait 10 minutes before applying makeup and/or sunblock.
  • Heavy sun exposure should be limited. Avoid the use of tanning beds and/or sun lamps.
  • For topical use only and should not be ingested or used in the eyes or mouth.
  • Store in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not dismantle the container as this will allow air and light to oxidize with the product.

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. Some users may experience mild skin irritation. If irritation becomes severe, discontinue use and consult a doctor. Spot test for allergic reactions on the arm or neck prior to using any product on the face. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Not recommended for children under the age of 12. For external use only.

Meladerm Cream Reviews - CIVANT SKINCARE

Meladerm Cream Reviews – CIVANT SKINCARE

I am not joking when I say this S.H.I.T. works!
I am 20 year old male who has had acne since I was 13. I had acne dark areas on my upper cheeks, forehead, and my temples. I have been using Olay Regenerist Detoxifying Scrub before I put this on. I think it’s very important to at least exfoliate the dead skin cells off your face so Meladerm can heal deeper. Over a period of a month and half and 2 $50 bottles my dark areas have faded to a point that I don’t see them or worry about them so much anymore. It has also greatly diminished my acne flares. Some areas of my face that used to have acne pop up don’t come up anymore. I am so happy that I am probably going to use this for 2 more months and my face will be where I want it. This stuff really works with patience. Make sure you put a 15 SPF over the Meladerm cream. I use Olay 7 Effects 30 SPF everytime I put Meladerm cream on. Thank you Meladerm cream as cheesy as that sounds!

– Review by Isaac

Meladerm Civant – Love it

This stuff is amazing, I have been using it on my sensitive oily blackhead prone skin for hyper pigmentation. It has cleared up all of my blackheads in the two weeks that I have been using it. Can’t believe it. The hyper pigmentation is also fading now. Love it, love it, love it. Has made my skin much less oily also! Please don’t ever stop making this and please don’t change the formula. I didn’t expect it to clear my skin up but it has!

– Review by Lisa

Best Product, I’ve Tried Them All!

Even the high end products don’t work for me. Meladerm works great! I wish the bottle were bigger 🙂

– Review by Me

Civant Meladerm cream It takes time but really effective

I only buy products after doing some research and reading reviews so I decided to try Meladerm after testing and trying countless different creams from Clinique, Murad, Lancome, you name it- I tried it. and nothing worked until I tried Meladerm, and it delivered! I couldn’t believe my eyes, I didn’t say anything to anyone. My most honest critic, my Mom, noticed the change and she asked me what did I do to clear my skin like that. She so impressed that she ordered it for herself right away! I used a small size jar in 2.5 months and didn’t see noticeable results until after 6. The 2 weeks results they advertised did not happen to me – but be patient, it works. I got a second jar to continue the treatment since there is still room for improvements. Do not hesitate to try it, you won’t be disappointed!

– Review by Maria

Meladerm helps, but to certain level

I have been using Meladerm for a year or more now. It does help lightening the dark spot; however, it still there, not completely gone, especially the dark spot on my forehead (it seems like there is no improvement.

– Review by Hoang



– Review by MR JAMES

It works over time

It really does work over time if you don’t have patience for the product don’t bother buying

– Review by Simeon


I’m 44 and have vitiligo AND melasma on my face. I have tried anything and everything (products and procedures) you can think of (through my dermatologist no less) to lighten the melasma to blend in with the whitening that vitiligo produces. Certain things worked a little but didn’t last, or products that did work (such as hydroquinone) had side effects (hydroquinone breaks down the collagen in your skin which is not something I want to do). I am so happy that I tried meladerm. I started using it on 7/30/14. I use it morning and night. I am almost done with my second bottle and the results have been fantastic. My skin looks radiant, smooth and the best thing…I do not have to stress about wearing makeup to blend the discoloration on my face. I haven’t exposed my skin to the sun since my early 20’s when I was diagnosed with vitiligo – so I definitely had minimal sun exposure in my favor. I really do not have any wrinkles on my face and now the tone and evenness of my facial skin is amazing. I implore you to try this and give it several months if you have really dark discoloration on your face as I had. This is not a product that will lighten dark pigmentation in your skin overnight – it takes a while. But it works! And it’s safe to use forever. I couldn’t be happier with it and although it’s costly, one pump is all I need for my face and neck – it really lasts. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!

– Review by Melissa

Slowly, But Surely

I like many others have tried to rid my sun damaged, ance scared skin. This product has slowly cleared my skin. Today I ordered the serum, I’m hoping this will aide in clearing the darkest marks on my cheeks. Don’t expect overnight results, but do expect your skin to look better with each use.

Review by Olivia

Gets rid of Acne scars even on tan skin

My daughter (16) gets horrible brown /greyish spots even if she totally lets an acne break out heal on its own. We tried every other product on the market, Bio Oil etc. every creme you can find on amazon, nothing helped, not only did those make her skin extremely dry etc. it did really nothing to improve the marks. Her marks were so bad that no kind of concealer even stage make up concealer did cover the spots. A friend of mine recommended something from CLINIQUE !!! OK thank goodness I googled it and found out about horrible sideaffect and horrible ingredients they use .DON’t BUY it. Trust me , all you will ever need is THIS MIRACLE PRODUCT HERE. Meladerm saved my daughters skin, it is amazing how in just one month the dark spots disappear on her chest, her face, her back, you need very little of the product. No stinging, no drying, it is a MIRACLE product. And for what I would have paid alone for one dr. visit in co-pays just to try to find a solutin , this will take care of it. I can not even begin to tell you how tremendously impressed we are with this product. Thank you thank you thank you to whomever made it !!! Highly recommend it and you also have a easy return in case you won’t like it….but I promise you stick with it for one month apply twice a day , it does work and makes those dark spots disappear. My daughter has tan skin , african american/ white….so if you have white skin only it might taken even less time.
– Review by Elke

Meladerm Cream Reviews - CIVANT SKINCARE
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