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     What if you could lose 3 to 5 pounds of weight and body fat per week … eat the foods you love … and achieve your ideal weight with the greatest of ease … while making yourself healthier than you’ve ever been?

It happened to me … and it could happen to you.

     Ever since I became the Editor of 30 Ways in 30 Days in 2009, I’ve written and edited numerous articles about various weight loss books, products and devices.  But never have I wholeheartedly endorsed one … until now.  When you read my story below, you’ll understand why.

Confessions of a Serial Weight Loss Junkie

     Last year, I was SHOCKED to watch an ABC News broadcast announcing the following grim statistics:

     In the United States alone, 108 million people are on a weight loss diet on any given day.  Dieters typically make 4 or 5 attempts to lose weight each year.

     I have a confession to make.  I’m one of those people who have tried to lose weight at least 4 to 5 times a year.

I’ve been 15 to 20 pounds overweight for over 18 years.  By the time I reached the age of 40, my metabolism slowed down to a crawl — as it does with most people who reach middle age.  As a result, I gained weight slowly but surely, lost my previously slim figure, and went up 2 dress sizes.  Fifteen to 20 pounds may not seem like a lot of excess weight for some people — but for a petite, small-boned person like myself, I was grossly overweight.

     Over the years, I’ve tried so many diets (Atkins, Zone, South Beach, you name it) — and bought every new weight loss pill and exercise gadget from TV infomercials, online, and everywhere.  But no matter what I tried, I only got marginal results.

Don’t get me wrong … I did manage to lose weight many times in the last 18 years.  I’d lose 10 to 15 pounds and feel on top of the world — but in less than a month, I’d slowly gain all the weight I lost, and then some.

Sound familiar?  I felt like such a failure.  But I comforted myself by saying, “Well, if even Oprah herself — with all her money, resources, and a personal trainer — failed to keep the weight off on a permanent basis, who am I to feel bad about my failure?”

I began to believe that no weight loss program would ever work on a long-term basis.  So I recently vowed never to try another one because I knew I would only fail yet again.  I was sick and tired of the yo-yo dieting.

Last December, I found out I was dead wrong when I discovered …

The MaximumSlim Weight Loss ProgramTM

     I was given an advance copy of a book titled the 30 Ways in 30 Days.  At that time, I didn’t have time to read all 137 pages of the book.  But what I read in the first chapter was so convincing.  The program, as described in pages 5-8, combines the 5 most effective, scientifically proven weight loss strategies into one profoundly simple, yet powerful program.

I was astonished by what I read about this doctor-endorsed program, which has a patent pending with the U.S. Patent Office.  Here’s why I thought the MaximumSlim 30 Ways in 30 Days was unlike any other program available anywhere:

  It allows you to eat all your favorite foods (no meal plan or restrictive diet)

  There’s no counting calories — and no measuring the amount of food you consume

  It enables you to lose weight rapidly — even without exercise

  It is so simple and easy to follow that you’ll want to stick to it … for life!

  It is suitable for men and women of all ages, body types and sizes

  It enables you to lose weight — but more importantly, keep the weight off permanently, supported by a healthy weight control program

  And it’s so effective that it will be “the last weight loss program you’ll ever try

     The program sounded extraordinary!  Furthermore, the book’s author, Cassandra Frazier, showed me before-and-after pictures of her husband, who went from a clinically obese weight of 220 pounds to his ideal weight of 185 pounds in a little over 6 weeks.

And Cassandra herself, who’s a petite 5’1, lost 17 pounds in a month.  And both her husband and she have kept the weight off effortlessly — and they’ve achieved optimum health and well-being.  ==>

The registered dietitian who created the Pound-A-Day Rapid Weight Loss program, asserts that “Through simple biochemistry, your body is able to lose excess weight and fat — without the use of fat-burning pills, without dieting, and even without exhaustive workouts.  When a weight loss program works with your body’s natural biochemistry — instead of against it — excess weight automatically falls off as if on cue.”

     Dr. Brenda Vanta, a medical doctor specialized in nutrition and integrative medicine, who has written more than 800 research-based articles on the subject of diets, nutrients and herbs, called the Pound-A-Day Rapid Weight Loss program a “superbly designed program for losing weight in a healthy and effective way” — and referred to it as “a brilliant program” that she fully endorses.

So although I had just recently vowed never to try another weight loss program, I decided to give this a shot.  What really attracted me is that this was not just any ordinary weight loss program.  Unlike all the others I have tried in the past that compromise one’s health, this one actually makes you healthy!

I couldn’t wait to get started.  And I didn’t even have to read the entire book because pages 5-8 explained the program in a nutshell.  This is all I had to do daily:

1)  Have the recommended healthy breakfast (which takes 3 minutes to make, and is delicious)
2)  Take 2 capsules of an all-natural dietary supplement before lunch
3)  Have
any food I want to eat for lunch (with one tiny twist)
4)  Drink 2 cups of a good-tasting tea that has been scientifically shown to shrink fat cells
5)  Put 2 tablespoons of organic, micro-milled Salvia Hispanica seeds in 16 ounces of water, and drink it before 7PM every evening

I Lost 16 Pounds — and 18% of My Body Fat Disappeared
— in a Month!

     Since it seemed simple and easy to follow, I started on the program immediately.  In a little over 30 days, I lost 16 pounds!  And 10.9 pounds (of the 16 pounds I lost) was pure body fatnot water weight or muscle loss.  To put that in perspective, this is what one pound of fat looks like:   ↓  ↓  ↓  ↓  ↓

     Imagine, in just one month, I lost almost 11 times the amount of body fat that you see pictured above.

Here’s the part I liked very much:  I traveled to Hong Kong, Singapore and Manila for 15 days after I lost the weight.  I found it easy to stick to the program even while traveling — but with one exception:  I ate all the delicious Asian food to my heart’s content!  When I returned from my travels, I weighed myself … and I was SHOCKED to see that I didn’t gain back one single pound!

That’s because the program allows you to “cheat” any day of the week — or even skip the program for a day or two — and you can still lose weight.  The program is so “forgiving” and you can even customize it for your unique lifestyle.  And that’s why anyone can use it successfully, even if you don’t have self-discipline or will power.

As of the time of this writing, I’ve kept the weight off for 4 months effortlessly.  Mind you, I’ve never before been able to keep the weight off for more than a month whenever I used other weight loss programs in the past.

The absolute BEST reward I got from the Pound-A-Day Rapid Weight Loss program is that my health and well-being have elevated to levels never achieved before!  I feel lean, strong, healthy and full of vibrant energy every single day I’m on this program.  And since the program is so easy to stick to, I know I’m going to do this for life!

I’ve since encountered 5 other people who’ve tried the Pound-A-Day Rapid Weight Loss program — and they believe, like I do, that this is the easiest weight they ever lost — and they’ll be lifelong Pound-A-Day users.

Will you lose one pound a day on the
MaximumSlim Weight Loss

     Anyone can get started on this program just by simply reading Chapter 1 of the book, which entails following the 5 healthy weight loss steps listed above.  But will you lose a pound a day (as the name of the program suggests)?

No, you probably won’t.  Cassandra Frazier said the name “Pound-A-Day” was designed to convey an “attitude” — and was not meant to promise any specific weight loss.  Reducing your weight by 3 to 5 pounds a week (about 1/2 pound a day) is usually considered reasonably safe — and that’s what I have been able to achieve on this program, as have many other people who’ve tried it.

After having read my story, I’m sure you now understand why I wholeheartedly endorse this program.  Now, I can’t wait to see what results you will get.

GOOD NEWS:  The Pound-A-Day Rapid Weight Loss Kit is being made available exclusively to Best Life Herbalsreaders this week by the makers of the Pound-A-Day Rapid Weight Loss program.

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What will happen to those of you who want to get in on this offer, but are unable to because they’ve sold out of the kits?  That’s my dilemma.  I’m absolutely sure the 1,000 kits will sell out fast.  So if you’re interested in losing 3 to 5 pounds of weight and body fat per week … while eating the foods you love … and making yourself healthier than you’ve ever been,

If you click on the link and order after the Pound-A-Day kits are sold out, the next shipment of kits will not be available until July 15, 2014, at the earliest.  By July 15, you could have already lost all your excess weight and achieved a beach body … just in time for summer.  Go to this website now to discover …

the amazing success stories of those who have tried the program — including the TV doctor who began losing more than one pound a day using just one of the 5 components of the program — and eventually lost 37 pounds in less than 2 months; 

how the Pound-A-Day Rapid Weight Loss program was created — and why this remarkable program has a patent pending with the U.S. Patent Office; and 

how you, too, can learn the “ultimate secret” to losing all your excess weight — while also making yourself healthier than you’ve ever been.

Here’s wishing you the best of health,

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