Ladies: Enjoy Sex More… With Less Back Pain

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Ladies: Enjoy Sex More… With Less Back Pain

If back pain gets in the way of your love life, you’re not alone. Up to 85% of adults will suffer with back pain at some point. And half of the people who suffer a bout of back pain can expect another bout within a year.

If you’ve ever had acute back pain, I don’t have to tell you how it affects your life. Bending over, walking, even just sitting can be excruciating. And making love? It’s one of the first activities that goes when your back is killing you.

Until now.

Not too long ago, I wrote to you about a study on back pain and sex. A team at Canada’s Waterloo University (WU) took a serious look at the problem.

Although there wasn’t any science to back it up, doctors often told couples to try the “spooning” position. The idea was that there was less pressure on the man’s back. But when the WU team analyzed back movement during sex, they learned this was a mistake.


Depending on the type of pain you’re having, other positions prove easier, safer, and more comfortable.1

This study focused on back pain in men. Now the scientists have taken a look at how back pain affects a women’s love life. So here’s an update to help you and your partner enjoy fuller, more satisfying sex.

When studying women with back pain, the researchers discovered spooning can be a good position. But in some cases, it can make your back pain worse.

Many women’s back pain flares when they arch their backs, or when lying on their stomachs. In the women’s study, these women did best in the so-called “missionary” position. Placing a small pillow under the small of your back may help by adding support.


For women whose pain is worse while sitting or bending forward, the best position is the same as for men with the same kind of pain. The researchers found kneeling with your partner approaching from behind was most comfortable.2

Of course, you can ease your discomfort even further with nutritional supplements. Herbs such as willow bark gently promote less pain… and won’t leave you groggy.

Studies also suggest the spice turmeric may be useful for back pain. Turmeric is a rich source of curcumin, which supports lower levels of pain through multiple actions.

Then there’s hyaluronic acid (HA) – a key component of the fluid that lubricates your joints. It’s often used for joint relief, but emerging evidence suggests it may also help with back pain.3

If back pain has put a crimp in your love life, finding the right position may make all the difference. And a little herbal help, you should be able to enjoy a fuller, more satisfying love life. In spite of your back pain.


Yours in continued good health,

Dr Kenneth Woliner, M.D.


1 “Back pain killing your sex life? Groundbreaking study reveals best positions to save your spine,” Waterloo University. Sep 10, 2014.


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3 Pierce, S.W. and Pierce, S.L., “Survey of Clinical Response to an Oral Hyaluronic acid, Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate Combination in 28 Patients,” No publication date.

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