Joint Relief Good Enough for Rome’s Emperors

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Joint Relief Good Enough for Rome’s Emperors

Wherever their empire spread, the ancient Romans built two things. They built roads to move troops and build trade. And wherever they found thermal springs, the Romans built baths.

All across the ancient world, civilizations understood the health-giving power of thermal baths. Especially in places where the water smelt of rotten eggs. These springs were the most popular, because that rotten-egg smell meant brimstone… sulfur.

Joint pain sufferers would sometimes travel hundreds of miles just to soak in sulfur springs. And stories of genuine relief abound. In fact, sulfur springs are still popular today – and thousands swear by the relief they provide for stiff, throbbing joints.

Thermal springs aren’t popular with mainstream medicine… but many studies say they work.1

Now, you probably don’t have a thermal spring in your neighborhood. And the spas that have grown up around them aren’t exactly affordable. But there’s another a way to take advantage of sulfur’s benefits. It’s called methylsulfonylmethane – or MSM.


In its pure form, sulfur is a poison. But it’s also a critical building block of cartilage – connective tissue that helps cushion your joints and keep your bones in place. And animal studies show that painful, damaged joint cartilage may contain just one-third the normal amount of sulfur.2

MSM is Nature’s safe source of sulfur. You get small amounts when you eat protein foods, garlic and some other plants. It’s also available as a nutritional supplement. And if you have sore, stiff joints, it may also be a ticket to greater freedom and independence.

MSM hasn’t been extensively studied yet. But some recent studies show promise.

For example, an Israeli study tested MSM on a group of adults suffering long-term knee pain. After taking MSM for 12 weeks, they had developed greater physical function and significantly less pain.3

A college study in Arizona had very similar adults. This study also found those taking MSM reported less pain and showed greater physical function.4

On its own, MSM does a pretty good job of promoting less pain and more freedom. Partly because it gives your body the raw materials it uses to repair damaged cartilage. But when it’s combined with other nutrients, MSM seems to become even more powerful.

In one study, researchers split volunteers into 4 groups. They gave one group an inactive placebo. The 2nd took glucosamine. They gave the 3rd MSM. And the last group took both MSM and glucosamine.

The doctors tested their volunteers at 2, 4, 8 and 12 weeks. The placebo group didn’t see any improvements. But both the MSM and the glucosamine groups had less swelling and lower levels of pain.

The group that took both nutrients, though, had even better results. They experienced 70% less pain and 43% less swelling than either of the single-nutrient groups.5

That’s why I recommend MSM as part of a comprehensive joint formula. On its own, it can be effective. But as part of the right combination, it helps deliver truly powerful relief.

Yours in continued good health,

Dr Kenneth Woliner, M.D.

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