Incontinence: Don’t Suffer in Silence

Incontinence: Don’t Suffer in Silence

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Incontinence: Don’t Suffer in Silence


If you’re one of the millions of women who suffer with bladder or urinary tract (UT) problems, chances are you suffer in silence.


In fact, a major European study found that more than three-quarters of mature women who suffer with incontinence don’t mention it to their doctors.1


Perhaps it’s because they’re embarrassed. Or they’re worried their doctor will talk about surgery. Or they think nothing can be done.


Whatever the reason, keeping UT troubles – especially incontinence – to yourself can rob you of years of happiness. Missing out on trips, celebrations, family milestones… all so you won’t be embarrassed by a sudden, unexpected “leak.”


It’s especially sad because certain herbs and nutritional supplements can often help you resolve the problem behind those embarrassing leaks.


Some help calm muscle spasms that can trigger sudden urges. Others soothe the tender cells lining your UT. Still others fight bacteria… help flush fluids through… or promote overall bladder and UT health.

Take buchu, for example. This potent herb has a long history of fighting the bladder and UT problems behind incontinence. But most people have never heard of it. And many of those that have are a little confused.


That’s because there are at least four different herbs called “buchu.” And the one with the most potent effect on UT problems – sometimes called short-leaf buchu – has two different scientific names.

Short-leaf buchu has been a mainstay of South African herbalists for centuries. It was so effective for bladder problems that early Dutch settlers quickly added it to their list of home remedies.

Modern studies are few and far between. But buchu has been shown to kill bacteria linked to urinary tract problems and to help flush fluid through the bladder and UT.2

Buchu has several properties that make it ideal for helping you fight the problems behind incontinence…

  • It promotes flushing of fluids through the UT. This action can help “flush out” bacteria that can cause incontinence.
  • Buchu has anti-microbial properties. Studies show it helps kill several germs linked to bladder and UT problems.
  • It contains powerful antioxidants that can help promote overall bladder and UT health.
  • Buchu contains limonene, a plant compound that eases systemic irritation. This can help ease the irritation caused by bacterial attack on your UT.3


Buchu is just one of several herbs and nutritional supplements that could help end your suffering.


Don’t let embarrassment hold you back. Chances are you can end those leaks… simply, safely, and naturally. And begin to enjoy life to its fullest again.


Short leaf Buchu is an ingredient in Best Life Herbals’ Women’s Formula Ultimate Bladder Support. You can find it on our web site at Click on women’s products.


Yours in continued good health,

Dr Kenneth Woliner, M.D.

1 Rekers, H., et al, “The menopause, urinary incontinence and other symptoms of the genito-urinary tract,” Maturitas. Oct 1992; 15(2): 101-111.


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