How to stop hunger and food cravings super fast!

12 Ways to Stop Hunger and Food Cravings Super Fast!

When you are hungry, it is so uncomfortable, and is a situation that can be disastrous too. (Meaning cheating.) Usually the hunger will get better, and remember your body is going through some changes, including withdrawal from carbs. Eating an orange or grapefruit might help the low sugar feelings.

So what to do? I have done the diet 2 times. These are just my own suggestions. You won’t find this in Dr. Simeon’s Pounds and Inches.


  1. What I found helped me the best, whether I was really hungry, bored, feeling empty, wanted to snack, tempted to eat something not on the diet, emotionally upset, or whatever it was–I popped a piece of gum. BUT, not just any gum. Some gum can make you hungry. I found some sugar free, green tea diet gum and sometimes I found it with Hoodia that is known to help hunger.

It “saved me” many times. I like Mega-T Green Tea Gum. One piece is equal to two cups of green tea, so you get those benefits, too. I often found it on or else sometimes in Wal-mart.

The Dollar General Store carries a different green tea diet gum, also, and some health food stores.


2. Spices. So what else can you do for hunger?


I found three avenues to slay this dragon. When you are hungry you need help RIGHT NOW! There are the emotional needs, physical needs, and real hunger, so let’s stick with food right now.

I discovered that spices can help.

If you will slice up a tomato and sprinkle on salt, pepper and some Italian spices, it is surprisingly good at allaying hunger. Use good spices on your fish or chicken and you will be more satisfied. Next time I will send on some recipes, including my Blackened Chicken Spice Recipe that I have already sent to a few of you.

3) Eggs. Dr. Simeon’s allowed one egg and two egg whites forvegetarians, for a meat substitute. So that got me to thinking and one day when we had some hard boiled eggs around, I ate one with salt and pepper.

It was between meals and so I cut back on my chicken in the next meal. I suppose it was the fat in the egg yolk, but I was able to get through until the next meal just fine.

4) Pickles. It also is not on Dr. Simeon’s list, but it is amazing what a pickle can do! One small to medium dill pickle has zero fat and  only 1 carbohydrate. And after you eat a pickle, you can resistother foods amazingly well.

(This one was suggested to me by a friend, I don’t know about this one personally.)

5) How many times have you ever brushed your teeth and then decided you didn’t want to eat anything? It can be quite effective.

6) When I went through any kind of “hunger spell” which usually was the first week of a new round of the diet, I found it helps many of our clients.

Go online to this Supplement for life I’d read what others were writing, asking, and offering for advice, and it really helped motivate me to stick with the diet. Also, you can see some before and after pictures.

8) Also, I now take iodine in the form of Kelp, a supplement. Iodine in fish is known to help you lose better because it helps up your metabolism. Iodine is so needed in the diet, that it is added to salt. Please do yourself a favor and only use Iodized salt. Iodine can help prevent hair loss, too.

9) Walking can up metabolism and I read recently that a short 30 minute walk or circuit training routine releases chemicals in the body that actually reduce appetite. Amazing. It is a good distraction and psychologically, if you start your day with a walk, you are much less tempted to eat something you shouldn’t, but I always thought it was just psychological.

Now I know it is based on something physical, too. “Walking alters appetite hormones and plasma lipids by modifications in lipoprotein metabolism and up-regulation of the low-density lipoprotein receptor.” I am not sure where I got that quote, but in some magazine on metabolism or weight loss.

10) HOODIA GORDONII This is a cactus-like plant. This herb has been used to suppress hunger without side effects. I have taken various forms of this over time. You should be able to find these items also at your local health food store.

11) Green tea. I also drink it as much as I can. I often combine it with Woo long tea and Organic Yorba Mate tea. It helps to drink hot or cold tea. It isn’t just the fluid volume, but the tea itself that helps with
appetite. I have been known to take green tea diet capsules

Do whatever it take to stay focused and on the diet.

12) If you like to snack. and find it hard to go without eating something, I found it really helps to have wonderfully grilled and seasoned chicken, cubed and saved in a zip-lock bag in the refrigerator, for a between meal snack. Just one or two cubes can really put off hunger.

I hope you find this helpful to keep you focused on your goal, of revealing your true body within. Please email with your questions or comments, and I may use them in my next HCG blog update.

Here’s To Revealing Your True Body Within!

12 Ways to Stop Hunger and Food Cravings Super Fast! How to stop hunger and food cravings super fast! By Supplement for life – HCG triumph at

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