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Dear Friend, Lower A1C levels Naturally!
Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. Along with the parades and solemn ceremonies in honor of our fallen heroes, many families gather for cookouts.
Potatoes wrapped in foil hit the grill. Chips, hamburgers, hot dogs, and toasted buns pile up on the picnic table. Afterwards, there may be ice cream, home-baked cookies or brownies.
Our favorite summer foods are such a big part of season. But some of these foods hide a terrible secret. They may be slowly destroying your hearing.
That’s right. Some of the most popular foods at summer barbeques and picnics can contribute to living in a silent world. And it’s not just our favorite summer foods. Popular dishes from year-round  – and almost every holiday – can add to the damage.
That’s why I wrote to you this past week about the hidden danger. I revealed the problem, the foods that cause it, and how to fight back. Visit Blood Sugar Optimizer to discover your best defense against this hidden danger.
This problem doesn’t just affect your hearing. And looking back, I decided you should probably get a wider view. Because millions of people have this problem. And many of them don’t even know it.
That’s why I continued this theme in my second message this week. You see, this problem affects virtually every part of your body – including your heart. In fact, it can boost your risk of serious heart trouble up to 500%!
So, in my second message, I went into a little more detail. Both in what causes the problem… and in how to stop it. You can fight back several ways, and you’ll discover some easy options at Blood Sugar Optimizer
Of course, not all health topics seem as serious as the one above. But you might be surprised how even “vanity” concerns can have a powerful impact on your life.
Take your hair, for instance. Thinning hair may seem like a vanity issue, but the impact of hair loss is far more serious.
Hair loss can affect your chances of promotion at work… your romantic life… and even your own feelings about yourself. You can hide thinning hair under a hat sometimes… but a cover-up is no solution.
Summer is tough on your hair. And if it’s already thinning, your hair needs all the support it can get. That’s why I let you in on an ancient Chinese secret this week. It’s 1,300 years old… but it’s still as popular as ever.
To discover how centuries of Chinese nobles encouraged thick, luxuriant hair, just visit Blood Sugar Optimizer
Finally this week, I shared a message from my colleague, Dr. Jeffrey Greiff.
Summer is the season of light clothes… and light colors. It’s a season millions of women (and men!) with bladder problems dread.
Every “accident” is more noticeable in summer. It’s almost impossible to hide adult diapers under summer wear. And who wants to be faced with questions like, “It’s summer. It’s 95 degrees out. Why are you wearing blue jeans?”
Fortunately, there’s an answer. One that could cross adult diapers off your shopping list. One that could get you back into light, airy summer fabrics… or even a bikini! One that could get you back into the thick of summer fun again.
Let Dr. Greiff show you how. Just go to Blood Sugar Optimizer for the details.
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