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fiera arouser for her review

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Join the Conversation about Women’s Sexual Health

Indiegogo46% of American women ages 18-70 have a sexual concern. Times of diminished arousal and desire are the most common concerns. Many of these women feel alone, largely because the conversation about women’s sexual health and wellness is still uncomfortable to many.

Fiera® was created for women, with relationships in mind. It’s backed by science, drug-free, and used for a few minutes in advance of physical intimacy to enhance physical arousal and increase desire.

We are partnering with Indiegogo to spread the word about Fiera®, and to start normalizing the conversation about women’s sexual health and wellness.

fiera arouser for her review

Learn More About Fiera®

Fiera®: spread the word about women’s sexual health

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Fiera + Indiegogo: Special Prices Now!

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Fiera® is a new arouser for women designed to help you feel excited and ready for sex.

fiera arouser for her review

What is Fiera and What Makes It Different?

Made for Before-Play™

Fiera is a new arouser for women designed to help her feel excited and ready for sex. Unlike other products, Fiera works to enhance mood and desire, as well as to stimulate your body, before you become physically intimate. We call this Before-Play.

Scientifically Proven: Our product has been designed in concert with leaders in the Sexual Wellness arena and created with women. Fiera is the first wearable product scientifically proven to help women get in the mood for sex. In a study (after 4 weeks of using Fiera), 87% of women said they felt “in the mood” for sex and 83% enjoyed engaging in sex.  * Data on file at Nuelle, Inc.

fiera arouser for her review

How Does Fiera Work?

Fiera Embraces You

Fiera gently attaches to her body, hugging the clitoris and forming a seal around the most sensitive area. Then, through soft, pleasurable suction, Fiera stimulates blood flow and creates sensations of warmth and fullness. Use Fiera for a few minutes before sex and then remove to initiate sex feeling more assured and excited.

Arouse Your Connection

Fiera is worn by a woman before sex to help her feel more in the mood. By enhancing her desire for intimacy, she can approach sex with renewed warmth and responsiveness.

fiera arouser for her review

Fiera Arouser for Her Reviews

Join the conversation about Women’s Sexual Health

In the US, roughly 46% of all American women, aged 18 – 70 have a sexual concern. For committed couples, your intimate relationship is important for both the health of the relationship, and your personal well being.

Many women with sexual concerns around arousal and desire have told us that they felt alone, because the conversation was difficult to have. They didn’t realize that so many other women had similar concerns. They didn’t realize that products such as Fiera exist to help enhance a woman’s natural arousal and desire. Additionally, the media makes it difficult to normalize the conversation about women’s sexual wellness, or to advertise that products such as Fiera exist.

Fiera is partnering with Indiegogo to let people know about this product, proven to scientifically enhance arousal and to engage in normalizing the conversation about women’s sexual wellness.

fiera arouser for her review

How You Can Help

Be a part of our campaign to normalize the conversation about women’s sexual wellness and to let other women know that there are products to enhance arousal and desire, naturally.

  • Share our campaign with friends, healthcare professionals, and with your partner.
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools (to the top left side of this campaign page)
  • Support us in normalizing the conversation about women’s sexual wellness, and JOIN THE CONVERSATION

What You Get

We’re offering three special bundles, only available on Indiegogo.

fiera arouser for her review

Fiera Premium Kit – $225 ($75 off + free shipping, 25% off)
includes: Fiera arouser, premium travel case, 6 months of SofSense rings (two packs of 3 rings), charging kit, and soft travel pouch

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includes: Fiera arouser, premium travel case, 1 year of SofSense rings (four packs of 3 rings), two charging kits, and soft travel pouch.

Must-Have Accessory Pack – $35 ($20 off + free shipping, 30% off) 
for customers who already own Fiera
includes: premium travel case and 6 months of SofSense rings (two packs of 3 rings).

fiera arouser for her review

fiera arouser for her review

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fiera arouser for her review

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Press Inquiries

Please email for more information.

What Customers Say About Fiera

Fiera is Much More Than a Pretty Package
  • Automatic activation and sensing upon body contact
  • Precision barometric monitoring and active pump control system
  • Dynamically adjusting micro pump
  • Anatomically driven design of SofSense ring conforms to a wide range of women’s bodies
  • 20 US and International utility patents pending or issued on unique Fiera technology. 29 US and International design patents and registrations granted.
  • Proprietary miniature smart micro pump technology

About Nuelle

Nuelle™ is a sexual wellness and intimate care company focused on delivering groundbreaking solutions made specifically for women. Nuelle is excited to introduce a new category in women’s sexual wellness with the introduction of Fiera™ Arouser for Her™, the first scientifically proven wearable arousal technology and sexual enhancement accessory for consumers.

Karen Long, CEO  @Klonglcsw

Karen Long is the President, Chief Executive Officer and founding member of Nuelle, a company committed to creating a mainstream dialogue and developing science-driven products for women in the area of sexual wellness.

Karen’s professional experience spans 20 years in consumer diagnostics and medical devices, developing and marketing over the counter diagnostic products. She has held a series of key operating roles in consumer diagnostic companies, such as ChemTrak and Inverness Medical, as well as management positions at LifeScan, a Johnson & Johnson company, focused on improving the lives of those with diabetes, after the acquisition of Inverness Medical in 2001. In early 2007, Karen joined Acclarent as World Wide Vice President of Marketing and led Acclarent’s marketing efforts through rapid growth and ultimately through the acquisition by Johnson & Johnson. Acclarent is a novel company, focused on developing minimally invasive technologies to meet physician and consumers’ unmet needs in the Ear, Nose and Throat space (ENT). The company was founded by Dr. Joshua Makower and was an early creation from the ExploraMed Incubator.

Karen has always had a passion for making the world a better place for others. She is a licensed clinical social worker and spent her early health care career helping patients and families cope with sudden traumatic events at the leading trauma centers, San Jose Medical Center and Stanford Medical Center. Karen holds a M.S.W. and B.S. in Social Work.

Leah Millheiser, Chief Scientific Officer @DrLeahM

Dr. Leah Millheiser is the Chief Scientific Officer of Nuelle. At Stanford University Medical Center, Leah is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Director of the Female Sexual Medicine Program. In addition, she is a Fellow in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists; as well as, the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health.
 As a sexual medicine expert, Leah devotes her career to treating all aspects of female sexual health. She has a particular interest in the sexual wellness of cancer survivors.After completing her residency at Stanford University School of Medicine in 2004, Leah spent four years as a Women’s Reproductive Health Research Scholar. This position was awarded to her by the NIH/NICHD.
 Leah is the author of several peer-reviewed journal articles and medical book chapters. She is a frequent lecturer, both nationally and internationally, for various medical institutions, medical conferences, and women’s health groups and is a known media expert in women’s sexual health.

Lesa Musatto, Chief Commercial Officer @lmusatto

Lesa has driven global brands for over 20 years, she is passionate about creating consumer-centered solutions for unique problems. Lesa’s experience ranges from omni-channel, packaged goods and wholesale. She has enjoyed crafting unique experiences in a wide variety of product categories from wine, gifting, apparel, grocery and home decor. She has lead brand and commercial organizations from early stage to house hold names such as as Gap Inc., Levi Strauss, Red Envelope, Evian Natural Spring Water, Safeway and wine brands such as Beringer and Chateau St. Jean. Most recently, Lesa served as Global SVP of Marketing for, a global leader in wall décor.


What is Fiera®?

Fiera® Arouser for Her™ is a new personal product that works with a woman’s body to enhance sexual arousal and increase desire, naturally. The product works to help you feel excited and in the mood for sex with your partner. The unique design, co-created with women and sexual health experts, uses a proprietary combination of suction and gentle stimulation to accelerate arousal. Fiera is a small, discreet and hands-free, product that is designed to stimulate blood flow in the clitoris and encourage vaginal lubrication, helping to get you ready and anticipating an intimate and enjoyable sexual experience with your partner.

Who can benefit from using Fiera®?

Relationships can benefit. Fiera® is for every woman who wants to feel in the mood and ready and excited to connect sexually with her partner. Women at various life stages may have concerns with their sexual response, including level of sexual desire and arousal at some point in their lifetime. These concerns may be triggered by normal changes associated with, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, or other everyday factors such as life stressors, lack of sleep, relationship fatigue, or child rearing. Fiera is proven to enhance sexual arousal, interest and a satisfying sexual experience.

How does Fiera® work?

Fiera® sits over the clitoris, and is held in place by a soft, silicone ring that adheres with gentle suction to the area between a woman’s inner and outer labia. The unique design serves several important functions:

  1. It helps to encourage blood flow in the clitoris, a key physical reaction that signals your body that you are ready for sex.
  2. It provides direct clitoral stimulation, accelerating the effect of the suction.
  3. It holds the product in place such that your hands are free for other activities.

Fiera is tucked under the labia and worn over the clitoris, a woman’s most sensitive sexual organ, to enhance arousal through a proprietary combination of gentle suction and multi-focal stimulation. As the nerve endings in the clitoris respond, a woman will begin to experience enhanced sensation to the genital area, which triggers a physical state of arousal.

Our research shows that use of Fiera regularly over a 4-week period also increases a woman’s level of sexual desire. Women also said they looked forward to sex and enjoyed engaging in sex. Said simply-Fiera helps get you in the mood for sex!

How and when do I use Fiera®?
Fiera® can be used for a few minutes in advance of sexual activity (“before-play”) to accelerate your physical arousal and interest in having a sexual experience with your partner. Though response time will vary from woman to woman, Fiera should be used for five to fifteen minutes before sexual activity and removed when you feel ready to engage with your partner.
How often can I use Fiera®?
Fiera® can be used as often as you like prior to intimate activity as “before-play”. Positive experiences as a result of using Fiera tend to lead to repeat use and more positive experiences. In fact we encourage you to use Fiera 3-4 times to get the hang of using it. Remember practice makes perfect. However, as with any other sexual enhancement product, you should temporarily discontinue use if you experience any type of discomfort.
Will I achieve an orgasm with Fiera®?
When used as intended you will not have an orgasm while using Fiera® in preparation for sex. Fiera should provide a level of arousal from the suction and stimulation to create an interest in having a sexual experience with your partner. While some women have achieved orgasm while using the product, most do not. It works best to remove Fiera when you feel ready and excited to experience intimacy with your partner. Our data does show that orgasms can feel more intense and pleasurable after Fiera has been used.
What does it mean that Fiera® is a hands-free, wearable product?
Fiera® is worn over the clitoris, and is held in place by a soft, silicone ring (SofSense™ ring) that adheres with light suction under a woman’s labia. The unique design serves several important functions: it helps to encourage blood flow in the clitoris, a key physical reaction which signals your body that you are ready for sex; it provides direct clitoral stimulation, and it holds Fiera in place such that you move in bed while in use, leaving your hands free for other activities.
Is Fiera® a sex toy?
Whereas most conventional sex toys for women are intended to help achieve orgasm or typically with a solo experience in mind, Fiera® is designed specifically to promote sexual arousal and desire and to prepare the body and mind for sexual activity with a partner. Fiera is not intended to be used like a vibrator (Fiera feels subtle and is meant to encourage blood flow and create interest). Because Fiera utilizes gentle suction and stimulation, it does not feel like a vibrator and you are not meant to achieve an orgasm while using. Fiera is meant to be removed when you feel ready and excited for your partner. Fiera is also unique in that it is backed by scientific data demonstrating changes in blood flow in the clitoris, a key physiological response that helps prepare a woman’s body for sex and intimacy.
Is Fiera® comfortable to use?
Yes, Fiera® provides a comfortable level of gentle suction that holds the product in place while stimulating the clitoral area. Fiera features pattern and intensity settings for a customizable experience. Women may want to use higher or lower settings to get them in the mood.
Is Fiera® noisy when in use?
Fiera® was designed to be very quiet and discreet and we believe it delivers. You may hear the gentle suction working quietly when Fiera is first placed over your clitoris and then again if it senses it needs more suction to keep your hands-free experience going.
What is Fiera® made of?
Fiera® is made from body-safe materials, including a SofSense™ ring that can be removed for cleaning with mild soap and warm water.
Does one size SofSense ring fit all?
Recognizing that every woman’s body is different, we worked with many women to design a product that would fit most women. The Fiera kit comes with two styles of SofSense rings, allowing women to decide which style suits them best based on fit and comfort. We suggest trying both in order to find your perfect choice. The SofSense rings are designed to be used for 3-5 uses each and should be replaced regularly for best performance.
Should lubricant be used with Fiera®?
It is recommended that a small amount of water or water-based lubricant be applied on and around the clitoris and labia and along the edge of the SofSense™ ring prior to placement to achieve the best seal. Silicone-based lubricants should not be used with Fiera®, as they will degrade the SofSense ring.
How should Fiera® and SofSense rings be cleaned?
Fiera® should be gently cleaned after each use with mild soap and water and dried with a soft, lint-free cloth. You should be careful not to put Fiera under running water, as it is an electronic product and could be damaged if exposed to sustained running water. The SofSense rings can be washed gently under running warm water with mild soap. Chemical cleansers should be avoided. The SofSense™ ring should be removed for easy cleaning and snapped back into place after it has been thoroughly dried.
Can Fiera® be used in the bath, shower, or pool?
Fiera® was not designed to be used in the bath, shower or pool, and should never be submerged underwater. However, the product is splash proof.
Is Fiera® safe?
Fiera® is safe. However, as with any personal care product, you should temporarily discontinue use if you notice any discomfort or unwanted increase in sensation.

Do you ship discreetly?

You’ll receive a package so plain the postman won’t notice.

Can I support anonymously?

Absolutely. Simply check the box on the Contribute page and you’ll be anonymous.

Where can Fiera® be shipped?

We will only ship to the US for this Indiegogo campaign. In the future, we hope Fiera will be available worldwide.

When will you ship Fiera®?

You should receive your Fiera in early March, as soon as our Indiegogo campaign ends!

What is the warranty for Fiera®?

Fiera includes a one-year limited warranty.

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