Fiera™ Arouser for Her™ Reviews & Coupons

Fiera™ Arouser for Her™ Reviews & Coupons

Fiera™ Arouser for Her™ Reviews & Coupons

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Did you know that 53 million women in the U.S. have one or more sexual concerns?

Fiera is the first product that gets both your mind and body in the mood for intimacy, enhancing your connection with your partner.

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Fiera™ Arouser for Her™ Reviews & Coupons

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Fiera™ Arouser for Her™ Reviews & Coupons

WHAT IS FIERA® by Nuelle, IncFiera Coupon Code

Fiera® is a small, fast acting, hands-free product designed for “before-play”, to encourage arousal and lubrication—getting you excited and ready for sex.

Fiera® uses suction to gently attach to your clitoral area giving you a hands-free experience in advance of sexual intimacy. Your mind and body will be warm and ready from its stimulating vibration and gentle suction.

Fiera® Arouser for Her™ is a new personal product that works with a woman’s body to enhance sexual arousal and increase desire, naturally. The product works to help you feel excited and in the mood for sex with your partner. The unique design, co-created with women and sexual health experts, uses a proprietary combination of suction and gentle stimulation to accelerate arousal. Fiera is a small, discreet and hands-free, product that is designed to stimulate blood flow in the clitoris and encourage vaginal lubrication, helping to get you ready and anticipating an intimate and enjoyable sexual experience with your partner.

Designed to get you ready and wanting

Fiera Discount CodeScientifically Tested, Women Approved
Small, Discreet, Beautiful Design

  • Welcome to “Before-Play”Fiera is uniquely designed to warm up your body and your mind for sex with your partner, rather than for orgasm.
  • A New Kind of StimulationCustomizable patterns and intensity applied directly to the clitoris makes each woman’s experience uniquely hers
  • Hands-FreeGentle suction keeps Fiera in place and you in the moment, letting you focus on the experience

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Fiera™ Arouser for Her™ Coupon Code

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A New Kind of Stimulation

Customizable patterns and intensity applied directly to the clitoris make each woman’s experience uniquely hers.

Fiera™ Arouser for Her™ Reviews & Coupons

Fiera™ Arouser for Her™ Reviews & Coupons

Supported by Science

Fiera has been extensively studied and tested by consumers and physicians. Our product has the numbers and science to back what we say.

Consumer study results in women ages 25-69 showed that after 4 weeks of using Fiera:

• 87% of women felt “in the mood”

• 83% enjoyed engaging in sex

• 75% felt excited and ready for sex

• 67% felt increased genital lubrication

Fiera is clinically proven to increase genital arousal in post-menopausal women.

How Fiera Works

Fiera uses suction to quickly stimulate the clitoris where there are more than 7000 nerves, and provides a hands-free experience. Use Fiera for a few minutes before sex, and then simply remove it when you feel ready and excited for sex. The rest is up to you and your partner!

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Fiera™ Arouser for Her™ Reviews

Introduction to Fiera™ Arouser for Her™ Video

How to Use Fiera™

This video will help you with every step of your Fiera™ experience. Fiera™ is the first wearable product proven to spark sexual arousal and desire, naturally.

How to Place Fiera™

Fiera™ is an Arouser for Her™ that is designed to work with your body to stimulate physical arousal and desire, naturally. Proper placement is key to optimizing your experience with Fiera. Watching this brief video will help you quickly understand where and how to place Fiera.

Buy Fiera™ Arouser for Her™ Reviews & Coupons

Fiera™ Arouser for Her™ Coupon Code

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Is Fiera for You?

Fiera is for you if you are one of the 30 million women who are concerned about their level of sexual desire or arousal. It’s for women who know that physical intimacy is great for their relationship and wish they had more interest in sex, or wish that sex felt more like it used to.

Are you:

  • Menopausal or in surgical menopause
  • In a long-term relationship / experiencing relationship fatigue
  • In your 40’s and beginning to notice changes in your level of desire

Do you wish you were in the mood tonight?

Ignite Arousal

Fiera™ Arouser for Her™ Reviews & Coupons

Fiera® arouser warms up your body for intimacy helping you feel more excited and ready for sex, so you can enjoy your relationship to its fullest.

Awaken Desire

Fiera® intensifies the emotional connection between you and your partner by getting you in the mood for sex when you want. Spark more passion tonight, and enjoy the lasting benefits of intimacy.

Fiera Reviews

How can something so small make such a big difference?

Fiera® works with a woman’s body to enhance sexual arousal and increase desire. Fiera® uses a proprietary combination of technology to provide gentle suction and multi-focal vibration in a unique manner. It is specifically designed to stimulate blood flow in the clitoris and encourage vaginal lubrication, helping awaken the body for an intimate and enjoyable sexual experience. Fiera® is small, discreet and hands-free, so you can be ready when you want to be.

Gentle suction starts the Fiera® experience

Fiera® is worn over the clitoris, a woman’s most sensitive sexual organ, to provide stimulation. As the nerve endings in the clitoris respond, a woman will begin to experience enhanced sensation to the genital area, which triggers a physical state of arousal.

Stimulating vibes accelerate your arousal

Fiera™ Review

Once Fiera® is reliably in place, three patterns, and intensity options let you create your own optimal experience.

Shaped for success

Every part of a woman’s body is unique and individual. We understand this and have designed Fiera® and the SofSense™ rings with this in mind.

After having two children and juggling a busy life, sex was way down on the totem pole and I lost interest. Fiera® ignited a new passion in my sex life that both me and my husband enjoy.

— Brandy

Fiera™ Arouser for Her™ Reviews & Coupons

Let Fiera® help ignite a spark. Here are some ways to get started. Take a few minutes and see what works for you.

“Use Fiera® arouser after a long day at work to change your frame of mind for the evening. Look forward to the evening and going to bed with your partner!”

“Jump start a Saturday morning and swap out 10 minutes of Fiera® and 20 minutes of partner time for your regular 30 minute workout.”

“Use Fiera® in the morning while taking a few minutes to relax so you can feel sexy and empowered. Turn your day on!”

“Use Fiera® as part of your work to home transition. Don’t just get into your sweats- spend a few minutes with Fiera® so you’re not only looking forward to that glass of wine, but also an intimate moment with your partner.”

“Anticipate the moment. Brush your teeth, wash your face, and find a private space to spend a few minutes being mindful with Fiera®. Then you’ll be the one tapping his shoulder before bed.”

Fiera Reviews


  • 5 star

Perhaps it was serendipity that I tried my Fiera for the first time on the day the movie “The Force Awakens” premiered, but my experience was precisely that: an awakening of my desire. I found the device easy to use and the the low intensity/trio pattern got me feeling frisky in just a few minutes. The sofsense ring suctioned perfectly (and oh so pleasurably with those little tugs!) first try and though I fumbled around a bit to explore intensity and patterns, I didn’t care because I was feelin’ the love. I did try it in the morning while nobody was around and I was rested which likely enhanced my interest to begin with. I’ll give it a whirl in the evening next and see if it inspires me to invite my partner to play . For now, I am going to keep this gadget private so there’s no expectation/pressure from my partner for sex (which tends to kill my desire: one more person’s needs to tend…). At 50 and one year into menopause with 6 and 8 year-old kids and a 12 year old marriage, I have mostly lost interest in sex, even in my dreams! While a bit of plant-based hormone-boosting has helped, it hasn’t ultimately done the trick. I am optimistic that regular quality time with Fiera will revive my sex life. Fiera is a great resource to help me: I want to want to have sex. Thank you inventors, pioneers, and scientists who are committed to non-chemical alternatives for arousal. I will be letting my friends and doctors know about this product. Lizelle

  •  5 star

    I tried the Fiera Arouser for her from House Party and it put the oooh lala back into my relationship debbie

  •  5 star

    It is an amazing product! It’s a must have! Everyone loved their coupon from House Party and can’t wait to buy one themselves. Victoria

  •  5 star

    Dont give up on trying. Good product! amanda

  •  5 star

    It took me some time to figure out how to work it correctly. It helps get me more in the mood! Carol

Fiera For Her 728x90

When Sex Starts Feeling Routine
Fiera, January 11, 2016
Fiera™ Arouser for Her™ Coupon Code

Getting out of the Rut

Congratulations! You and your partner are finding time and energy for regular sex. But what’s that you say? It’s exactly the same every time? There’s nothing wrong with the occasional quickie, but it doesn’t go a long way toward building and maintaining intimacy. We have some ideas on how to ramp up the romance.

Learn, Relax, and Have Some Fun: Getting Comfortable with Fiera
Kristy Lin Billuni, January 8, 2016
Fiera™ Arouser for Her™ Coupon Code

Fiera® arouses you by concentrating on the sexual anatomy on the outside of your body, which is one of the things I love about it.

It really has nothing to do with menstruation, and unlike a tampon, the Fiera arouser does not go inside your body. But when I think of what worked—and what didn’t—about my first tampon experience, I realize that learning to use Fiera reminds me of learning to use tampons.

We Need to Talk
Fiera, January 6, 2016
Fiera™ Arouser for Her™ Coupon Code

Women have traditionally been expected to be decorous and demure, and to keep our sexuality and feminine health issues under wraps. We’ve had enough! If you haven’t noticed, we at Fiera are ready and willing to talk about our sexual health and the changes to our bodies and brains as we age, and we’re eager to spread the word and to help continue to open up the conversation.

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