Enjoy This Anti-aging Bonanza For Free!

Dear Health-conscious Friend,

Enjoy This Anti-aging Bonanza for Free!

All the big drug companies are desperately seeking the “magic bullet.” It’s that one substance that can slow – or even reverse – the process of aging. They figure whoever discovers this elusive substance will unlock the gates to limitless wealth.


Well, what would you say if I told you it’s already been discovered… it’s readily available to you right now… and you won’t have to pay anyone a dime to get it?

Sound incredible? Based on the studies I’ve read over the last couple of months, this anti-aging powerhouse is unquestionably real. Just look at some of the discoveries…

  • It helps shield women from mental decline, physical breakdown… and lowers their risk of death from all causes.1


  • It cuts the risk of irregular heartbeat and blunts at least some of the negative effects of obesity.2


  • It slows the rate of physical decline normally linked to aging.3


  • It fights the onset of the blues – even when people are under stress.4


  • It supports blood pressure in the normal range, even at ages when increased blood pressure is expected.5


All of these scientific papers were published within the last 2 or 3 months. It’s like an avalanche of good news.

So why haven’t you heard about this breakthrough anti-aging substance? Shouldn’t something like this be plastered across every front page in America?

These stories have been ignored by the media… because the answer isn’t a substance and it’s not new. But it is 100% real. And you can start reaping these benefits – and another I’ll tell you about in just a moment – today.


Every one of these studies looked at… physical activity.


But don’t feel let down. Think about it for a moment. Wouldn’t you like to hold on to your mental edge… cut your risk of death… avoid becoming weak and frail… maintain a positive, happy attitude… and more?


All it takes is to get moving. If it boosts your heartbeat, it counts. Dance, garden, hike… pump iron, if that’s what you enjoy. You’ll literally slow the aging process, and you won’t have to pay some greedy drug company a dime for the privilege.


Plus, you may enjoy one more benefit. One that concerns most of us as we get older.


Two brand-new studies show that physical activity helps protect memories, too.


In one study, researchers in Georgia tested “episodic memory.” This is your unique memory of a specific event as it happened to you. In other words, pretty much every memory you want to treasure forever.

The doctors discovered that resistance exercise performed during the “consolidation” phase – when memories become fixed in your mind – improved episodic memory.6 So, if you participate in resistance exercise regularly, you boost your chances of holding on to important events in your life.

The 2nd study – done at Michigan State University – tested aerobic exercise and memory. These researchers found aerobic exercise boosts long-term memory.7


As a Journal reader, you probably take vitamins for health. Add in brisk activity on a regular basis, and you’ll cheat time even further.


Perhaps best of all, you can begin to enjoy all these benefits right away… without giving the drug companies even one thin dime.


Yours in continued Good Health,

Dr Kenneth Woliner, M.D.

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