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Dear Friends,

5 Surprisingly Easy Tricks to Reverse the Effects of Aging

A lot of people find some of the tricks for reversing the effects of aging pretty tough. So I always have my eyes open for ways to fight the effects of time that are simple, easy… or both.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve come across 5 quick-and-easy ways to fight aging. So, today, I’d like to share them with you.

#1 – Get some sun. You probably know sun exposure is the #1 source of vitamin D. But something else the sun does is at the heart of this secret.

Australian doctors discovered just recently that exposure to sunlight triggers the release of NO – nitric oxide. NO acts to discourage obesity, promoting healthier body composition. This is the same compound your body uses to keep your arteries flexible, so you may get a double benefit here.

This first study was done with animals. But their other reactions to sun exposure are similar to humans… so there’s a good chance this one will carry over, too.


#2 – Juice beets – If you have a juicer, consider adding beets to your mix. New research from Kansas State University shows they can help improve blood flow. This is especially important if you’re concerned about your heart health.


Beets contain fairly high levels of nitrates, which your saliva breaks down into nitrites. You body converts the nitrites into nitric oxide. And NO promotes greater blood flow. IN some studies, drinking beet juice boosted blood flow to the muscles by up to 38%.2

If you don’t like beets, spinach is another good source of nitrates.


#3 – Have a glass of wine. First, if you don’t drink, don’t start. But, if you’re a moderate drinker over 60, I have good news. A little alcohol may help you stay sharper longer.


University of Texas research shows drinking a small amount of alcohol later in life is linked to better memory. Moderate drinkers had greater volume in the area of the brain most associated with memory than non-drinkers. 3


The scientists didn’t find this relationship until after middle age. So if you’re a light-to-moderate drinker already, think of this a bonus. If you’re a somewhat heavier drinker, it’s a good reason to cut down.


#4 – Move. Regular exercise is a great way to build both physical and mental health. But even if you can’t take part in vigorous physical activity, you can boost your brainpower. That’s what a team at the University of Montreal discovered.


The researchers assigned 3 groups of mature adults to different programs. Some did aerobic exercise. Some did resistance training. The third group worked on balance, flexibility, and coordination.


The first two groups showed much better physical conditioning than the 3rd. But they all showed similar gains in mental sharpness.4 In other words, even if you can’t work out, you may be able to hold on to your mental edge.


#5 – Eat a banana. A study of more than 90,000 women recently linked potassium intake to a lower risk of blockages of blood vessels in the brain. These blockages cripple


In this study, women getting more potassium cut their risk by 16%,. But women with healthy blood pressure slashed risk by 27%.5 And potassium promotes normalized blood pressure.


Bananas are the best known source of potassium. Tomato juice, raisins, lima beans, and spinach also have a good amount. You may also be getting a little extra potassium if you take vitamins for health.


Yours in continued good health,

Dr Kenneth Woliner, M.D.

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