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myHDiet Coupon Codes - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!Get Started Kit (Original)

The key to sustained healthy living is two-fold: remove harmful toxins that can attack our cells and make us sick, and feed our cells living nutrients to reverse the DNA damage caused by those same toxins. This kit brings you:

myHDiet 7 Day Detox ProgramHallelujah Diet 7 Day Detox Program

  • FREE Recipes for Juices, Broths, Soups and Pureed Soups
  • FREE Daily Detox Schedule
  • FREE Journal to document your successes, progress and challenges
  • FREE Shopping List
  • FREE Daily Motivational Emails


MyHDiet Unravel the MysteryUnravel the Mystery BUNDLE Kit

Where can you get the most up-to-date research on the causes of cancer and recovery methods as well as specifically designed recipes that help to stop feeding the cancer while using the best superfoods to optimize nutrition? Let’s “unravel that mystery” right here. Both the Cancer Recovery book and the Cancer Recovery Recipe book are all you need to get your life or your loved ones life on track and restore health. Complete with a cancer recovery checklist, lists of toxins that need to be eliminated or reduced and foods that will complement any protocol, these books will assist you in your discussions with oncologists and other healthcare professionals while you are feeding and nourishing your body with every bite.

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Hallelujah Diet Supplements

myHDiet Reviews

What is the Hallelujah Diet™

We all love to eat. Food is a part of our traditions, our social lives and even our entertainment as we watch cooking as a sport on television. While the purpose of food is to nourish and sustain our bodies the question is, does your body love the food you are choosing to eat? A diet filled with processed, refined and unhealthy foods with too few fruits and vegetables can add up to fatigue, a weakened immune system, sickness and very serious health issues including diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

The Hallelujah Diet System is the antidote to the guilt and sickness often caused by what we call the Standard American Diet or SAD. When you begin to replace SAD foods with living, plant-based foods that nourish your bodies, you reclaim the gift of self-healing.

With delicious recipes augmented by scientifically proven products, exercise programs, pure water and our supportive community, The Hallelujah Diet will nourish and cleanse your body, promote disease resistance, increase energy, strengthen your immune system, help support your body in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and encourage weight loss. Simply put, you’ll feel better and it will show.

So how do you get started? With over 20 years of experience in helping people make simple, effective steps to improving their health, The Hallelujah Diet has everything that you need to get started. From books on how to live healthier, simple meal plans, easy and delicious recipes found on our website, superior supplements that supercharge your body, and video programs that give you the how to’s on everything from shopping, to stocking your pantry. We provide resources to get you started and keep you going. As you begin to experience eating healthier foods, you will be amazed by the positive changes that will take place within your body.

And, It doesn’t take long to notice life-changing results. Often in as short as just a few days to a week significant change is realized as the body begins to thrive. The Hallelujah Diet can help anyone live a healthier, longer, more vibrant life. So join us and fall in love with foods that love your body.

Hallelujah Diet™ Lifestyle

The Hallelujah Diet isn’t simply about correcting poor health. It’s about putting your body into its best possible state so that poor health isn’t even an issue. It’s as much about disease prevention as is it about disease correction. So when you incorporate a clean food, plant-based diet into your life you will satisfy your body down to the cellular level and empower it to build whole-body health to last a lifetime.

But this is not a diet of deprivation or of eating “diet food.” These are the foods we were meant to eat, the way we were meant to eat them. We understand that making a drastic change to your diet can be disruptive and confusing. That’s why we’ve broken our plan down to three entry points to make it easier to help you make the kind of dietary changes that are right for you and your family.

Boost Your Health

Begin your journey here for improved health and disease prevention. Gradually substituting a few of your current food choices with healthy plant-based choices and Hallelujah Diet juices and supplements will help you address nutritional deficiency and toxicity. You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel with just this simple change in diet and habits. You may even be inspired to take the next step on your journey to a healthy, new lifestyle.

myHDiet Coupon Codes - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!

Live Healthy

By building a personalized plant-based diet, vitamin and supplement plan, you will increase nutritional intake, reduce toxins in your body and begin to renew your health. The Hallelujah Diet will help to support your body to prevent disease and enter a more healthy and energized phase of your life. Juices, supplements and delicious recipes complete this phase and move you towards better overall well-being.

myHDiet Coupon Codes - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!

Restore Your Health

This path is the ultimate expression of clean eating if you are fighting a disease or health problem. By incorporating an exclusively clean diet of 85% raw and 15% vegan cooked foods, juices and supplements, The Hallelujah Diet helps support in building a stronger immune system in your journey to restore your health and live a longer, more vibrant life.

myHDiet Coupon Codes - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!

myHDiet Coupon Codes - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE! Reviews

Personally, before adopting the Hallelujah Diet, my heart was giving me very strong and painful angina-like symptoms…Since adopting the Hallelujah Diet, I have lost 45-pounds…and all the pains in my heart and pancreas are gone..”.

Submitted By: Anonymous

“…I had a discomfort on the right side of my chest. I would feel this discomfort.. I stopped eating meat and I think I was more consistent with the barley max. Praise God, the symptoms left and didn’t come back…”

Submitted By: D. Johns Cox

“..I got an email in my in box …about the 60 day waistline challenge. I signed up for it. The pain went away after a few days. .My blood pressure went down … I lost 40 pounds with that

Submitted By: Gracie Gonner

Last February I started to have digestive problems, I checked out with a doctor and his recommendation was the use of Prylosec; .. I decided to go back to Hallelujah, I ordered the Barley Max and started to drink juices every single day. Few days later my problem disappeared and I lost another 10 pounds. I feel much better,..”.


Submitted By: M. Garrido

“I have been diagnosed with posttraumatic arthritis, migraine headaches and sinusitis. I am just beginning the Hallelujah Diet… I like this diet in that you can eat dinner and eat a little cooked food in the evening and I think that this will work for me…”


Submitted By: P. Budinsky

“I found out about a year ago that I have Lyme’s disease. I went the naturopathic route and never got cured…I am back on the Hallelujah Diet because I know my body needs the proper nutrients to fight this disease… I really feel better eating a plant-based diet…”


Submitted By: Kathy Wilson

I was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer on September 15, 2005. Did not choose surgery, chemo, or radiation. Adopted the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle on October 15, 2005. Do not have a pain in my body at 71 years of age.


Submitted By: Larry Jones

“..I am 49 years old. My family history also showed that all the females in my family had and were dying of some form of cancer. Since I have adopted the Hallelujah Diet, I am more regular, my cholesterol is beyond optimal, I have more energy, I sleep better, and I no longer fear getting cancer like the rest of the women in my family… My husband lost 25 pounds and no longer has high blood pressure and most of all my 16 yr. old daughter is a believer and has adopted the Hallelujah diet and will continue to live the diet for the health of the next generation…”


Submitted By: Jerri D.

Since adopting the Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle I have experienced great improvements in my health.


Submitted By: Tera P. of Clyde, North Carolina

I didn’t even consider any other treatment for my condition before considering The Hallelujah Diet. The reason is that I listened to my mother. She is a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister, and already had been for some time when I was diagnosed. I had seen her adopt The Hallelujah Diet to address some health issues, but I wasn’t on board yet. After all, I was healthy; why would I need to change my diet? However, I always vowed that, if I needed to try the diet for health reasons, I would. Well, it didn’t take long after life kicked me in the pants to realize that The Hallelujah Diet would be good for me too, not just for my mother.


Submitted By: Jolie A.

myHDiet Coupon Codes - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!
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BarleyMax Powder Reviews Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

BarleyMax Powder, Hallelujah Acres

BarleyMax Powder Reviews, Hallelujah Acres

BarleyMax Powder Reviews

The body needs living nutrients to reverse the DNA damage that can lead to diseases. More and more health-conscious consumers turn to barley grass juice to protect the body’s vital cells.

  • BarleyMax® powdered juices are made from organically grown barley grass and alfalfa and kept enzymically alive with a process that optimizes the body’s absorption of rich nutrients.
  • Try the fresh, pure flavor of BarleyMax Original, fruity BarleyMax Berry, or icy cool BarleyMax Mint. Also available in capsules.

BarleyMax Powder Buy One Get One FREE!

BarleyMax Powder Reviews

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BarleyMax PowderFREE Gluten Free Recipe Book! Limited Time Only

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BarleyMax Hot Promotion

Barley Max Powder Description

The Finest Certified Organic LIVE 100% Juice Powder on The Planet.

  • Increase Your Energy
  • Build a Stronger Immune System
  • Fight Off Disease
BarleyMax Powder 8.5 oz size (2 month supply)

The rich scent, vibrant color, and delicious, fresh taste of BarleyMax Powder are living proof its pure nutrition and health promoting power — there’s nothing else like it! Made from the juice of gluten-free*, young barley leaves harvested at the peak of nutrition, BarleyMax Powder is jam-packed with:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Essential amino acids
  • Chlorophyll
  • Flavonoids
  • Trace elements
  • Antioxidants
  • Live enzymes

Plus, with its living enzymes and countless micronutrients, BarleyMax Powder offers one of the widest spectrums of naturally occurring nutrients in a single source!

This powerhouse of raw, living nutrition helps your body build 300 million healthy new cells every minute of every day! And healthy cells help your body defend itself from free radicals, which cause DNA damage.

In fact, BarleyMax Powder has been shown to protect human cells from DNA damage, the “biological rust” that plays a large role in aging and disease. As an added bonus, a study involving extract of barley leaf has shown to decrease LDL (bad) cholesterol! No other juice powder compares! So what makes it so different from dead, freeze-dried green juice powders? The secret is how it’s made…

Specially selected barley grass seeds are grown in a mineral-rich, volcanic lakebed at an elevation of 5,000 feet.

Slower growth at this elevation allows the plant to absorb maximum nutrition from the incredibly nutrient-rich soil.

Harvested at just the right moment for peak nutrition, the barley grass is cut, washed, juiced, and dried with a patented drying process that retains the living nutrients — all in just a few hours!

In the end, each 8.5 oz container of BarleyMax Powder contains the gluten-free*, dehydrated juice of 15 pounds of freshly harvested barley grass, a much more nutrient-dense and better tasting alternative than freeze dried products or even freshly harvested “indoor” wheat grass.

Available in Mint, Alfalfa Free, and Berry flavors. Capsules also available.

* GLUTEN-FREE: Barley grass is inherently gluten-free. The barley plant only becomes gluten-containing once a head of grain develops. Since the barley grass grown to make BarleyMax Powder is harvested before this stage, BarleyMax Powder is gluten-free. Independent lab test results confirm that BarleyMax Powder contains 3 parts per million (ppm) of gluten; the FDA standard to be considered gluten-free is 20 ppm.

BarleyMax Powder Ingredients

BarleyMax Ingredients

BarleyMax Powder Reviews

Outstanding Product and Outstanding Delivery!

By mp on July 7, 2012

I have researched to the best of my ability many of the barley products. I have even tried another barley product. My initial concern was the price. You may find other products that are cheaper but I’ve come back to BarleyMax and will most likely stay with this product. BarleyMax is very well researched and the company Hallelujah Acres is very trustworthy. They are up on the latest research so you can know that they’ve done their homework.The shipping from Walnut Grove at Amazon was tremendous! I received the product in just 2 days even though I wasn’t expected to get it for another week!

By T. Fehnel on July 13, 2009

Barley Max detoxes to the MAX!!

By Victoria Imtanes on September 27, 2009

WOAH. This stuff is incredulous! Okay so I ordered this batch after watching the raw juice videos on youtube…very convinced. Every expectation I had for this stuff was exceeded!! Inside the container is a very fine, condensed powder that you mix with about 4 ounces of water. After mixing it, it looked, and tasted, alot like a wheatgrass shot to me. About 20-30 mins after taking a shot, you should notice your body more…Not necessarily notice what your body is doing, but notice that something is up. Depending on how much and what you ate, you might be in the bathroom again. I remember binging on pizza one night and the next morning, still full, taking a double dosage of barley max, and then 15 minutes later I came out of the bathroom with my stomach growling because I was hungry again! Haha it detoxes your system, gives you energy, and overall heals your body. I believe in it. The only thing that’s really difficult is the price. At […] bucks, when you’re a college student, that’s pretty essential. So I think I’ll only order this when the bonuses in my paycheck come…or when I start working to get them in the first place haha.
Nasty but Good!

By Mama 2 many on April 8, 2008

You will have to adjust your taste buds to this green juice but you will grow accustomed to it and it will be well worth it for all the energy you will get from it. I am not sure if I am acquiring any major health benefits from it just yet, but I do like that it gives me a boost of energy. I just take it like a nasty medication, pinch my nose and swallow fast! LOL!!! If you have sensitive taste buds, this juice is definitely not for you. You ought to get a juicer and juice fresh fruits and veggies instead.
barley max is great!!!!!

By James Eskew Jr. on December 29, 2009

I use it every morning with 4 ounces of carrot juice. I seem to have less aches and pains. It is great
Love it.

By G K on November 28, 2011

Used it for over a year and it’s definetely helped me stay well. previously ordered at other site. Amazon better cheaper and faster.
BarleyMax Reviews

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Hallelujah Diet Fiber Cleanse Reviews

Fiber Cleanse Powder, Hallelujah Diet

Hallelujah Diet Fiber Cleanse Reviews

Hallelujah Diet Fiber Cleanse Reviews


Hallelujah Diet Fiber Cleanse contains an adjusted mix of 28 herbs in a psyllium and flax seed base to help you purify the colon, restore ideal entrail work, and guarantee convenient disposal of poisons from the body.

Contains Psyllium

– Makes a coagulated mass that ranges the colon clean of festered dung.

Contains Flax Seed

– Flax seed is a rich wellspring of Omega 3 and Omega 6 unsaturated fats

– Flax seed is a characteristic purgative

– Flax seed controls glucose levels

Contains Herbs

– Controls insides

– Ousts parasites

Recommended Use:

Hallelujah Diet Fiber Cleanse Powder – Start with 1 teaspoon twice every day and continuously increment more than 2 weeks to accomplish the fancied results (2 – 3 sound solid discharges every day). This item is planned for transient utilize something like 3 months.

+++Hallelujah Diet Products Deals+++

Hallelujah Diet Fiber Cleanse Reviews
Hallelujah Diet products are made from superior-quality and 100% pure ingredients that are USDA Certified Organic, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, 100% Vegan, Kosher Free, Diary Free, Soy Free and Contains Absolutely No Refined Sugars.
Hallelujah Diet Fiber Cleanse Products
Hallelujah Diet Fiber Cleanse Website
General Serving Guidelines:
1 Tablespoon – Up to 150 lbs.

1/2 Tablespoons – 150 to 200 lbs.

2 Tablespoons – Over 200 lbs.

Blend serving in 6 to 8 ounces of your most loved squeeze or refined water. Quickly drink after blending. Ideal advantage may be accomplished by utilizing first serving right on time as a part of the morning and second serving, if craved, before twelve took after with plentiful water for the duration of the day (1/2 ounce of water for every pound of body weight).

On the off chance that insides get to be too free decrease serving size and/or recurrence. Keep cover firmly shut in the wake of opening and store in a dim, cook, dry spot. Don’t refrigerate.

Fiber Cleanse Vegetarian Capsules – Start with 1 serving (8 containers) and increment to 2 servings over a 2 week period if necessary to accomplish the coveted results ( 2 – 3 sound solid discharges every day). This item is planned for fleeting utilize around 3 months. Following 3 months, you may change to ground flax seed or B-Flax-D, which can both be utilized long haul.

Bring every presenting with at least 8 ounces of purged water.

Ideal advantage may be attained to by utilizing first serving ahead of schedule as a part of the morning and second serving, if fancied, before twelve took after with sufficient water for the duration of the day (1/2 ounce of water for every pound of body weight). On the off chance that entrails get to be too free diminish serving size and/or recurrence. Keep cover hard shut in the wake of opening and store in a dull, cook, dry spot. Don’t refrigerate.

Serving Size:

Fiber Cleanse 16 oz Powder – 1 Tablespoon

Fiber Cleanse Vegetarian Capsules – 8 cases

Servings Per Container

Fiber Cleanse 16 oz Powder – About 56 servings every compartment

Fiber Cleanse Vegetarian Capsules – 30 servings every compartment

HD Fiber Cleanse Products

Hallelujah Diet Fiber Cleanse Powder  Hallelujah Diet Fiber Green Apple  Hallelujah Diet Fiber Cleanse LemonHallelujah Diet Fiber Cleanse Capsules

Fiber Cleanse Powder   Fiber Cleanse Powder   Fiber Cleanse Powder Fiber Cleanse Capsules

Green Apple                    Lemon Flavored


Persons who are pregnant, lactating, on doctor prescribed prescription or on other natural items ought to check with a nutritiously minded, social insurance proficient before utilizing.

People presented to exorbitant measures of psyllium dust (principally word related introduction) may add to an affectability bringing about a hypersensitive response.

Use Fiber Cleanse amid the initial 2-3 months on The Hallelujah Diet. Not suggested for long haul utilization. Following 3 months, you may change to ground flax seed or B-Flax-D, which can both be utilized long haul.

Hallelujah Diet Fiber Cleanse Ingredients: Proprietary Blend of Psyllium (Husk), Flax (Seed), Black Walnut (Hulls), Pumpkin (Seed), Rose Hips (Fruit), Hibiscus (Flowers), Alfalfa (Leaves & Stems), Dandelion (Root), Cascara Sagrada (Bark), chamomile (Leaves), Licorice (Root), Lemon Balm (Leaves), Fennel (Seed), Yucca (Stalk & Trunk), Marshmallow (Root), Mullein (Leaves), Slippery Elm (Bark), Horsetail Grass (Stem), Oatstraw (Leaf), Nettle (Leaves), Kelp (entire), Irish Moss (Whole), Blue Vervain (Leaves & Stems), Passionflower (Leaves & Stems), Blue (Violet Leaves), Witch Hazel (Leaves), Cloves (Leaves), Capsicum (Fruit)

Hallelujah Diet Fiber Cleanse Supplement Facts

Hallelujah Diet Fiber Cleanse Ingredients

More Than Clean…Detoxified!

We all practice legitimate cleanliness. We shower or bathe regular, wash our hair, wash our garments… truth be told, cleanliness is beside piety, as the maxim goes. That all makes for a beautiful picture all things considered, yet what’s going ahead inside?

Where it counts, inside the slowing down, digestive system known as the colon, a dull, messy and dreary picture rises a universe of poisonous waste development, biting parasites, intestinal contamination.

Yes, the grime of bodily fluid, undigested greasy sustenances, chemicals from transformed nourishments and basically breathing grimy air and drinking tainted water takes its toll. Over the long run, this development influences the capacity of each cell and organ in the body. Without legitimate disposal the waste and poisons harm the blood, lymphatic framework, sensory system and mind. They obstruct the heart, vascular framework, lungs and sinuse.

* The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Hallelujah Diet Fiber Cleanse Reviews

HD Fiber Cleanse Customer Reviews

Can’t Wait till It’s Gone (6/19/2014)

Although Fiber Cleanse is very effective, it tastes absolutely horrible. I am able to tolerate a lot and I couldn’t wait till the container was empty and I could begin using something else. Don’t be fooled by the “lemon” flavor. It really made me almost gag.

Posted by: Amy S. – Kansas City, MO

Very effective (6/25/2014)

Yes, fiber cleanse does not taste the best, but it is very effective and gentle. It is a superb colon cleanser!

Posted by: Kathy S. – TX

With Pomegranate Juice (8/19/2014)

We mix ours with 1/2 cup POM Pomegranate Juice (or freshly juiced pomegranate) for our morning snack. Tastes great plus we have the benefits of the Pomegranate Juice.

Posted by: Debbie M. – Macomb, IL

Taste of fiber cleanse (11/20/2014)

If you mix with a apple juice and put in a little blender and drink at once. It does not taste bad. I use a unfiltered Apple juice.

Posted by: Dale Glenn – Indianapolis, in

Wonderful results! (1/6/2015)

Although the taste requires a little getting used to, the gentle but sure effects of the cleanse overshadow the initial taste. I feel great after and will continue this excellent, natural colon cleansing product.

Posted by: Rose – Brisbane, Australia

Fiber Cleanse 16oz Powder, Hallelujah Acres

By A on August 18, 2013

If you are starting the Hallelujah Diet now get some. For two people, three bottles should last 2-3 months. You are going to want to start slow with one teaspoon a day and build up to one tablespoon in ten ounces of pure water. Three months and you are done. Hope this helps someone.
Not for me

By T on December 19, 2013

I would have rated this higher, because it does work very well, but it tastes so nasty ! I almost threw up each time I took it. It was like drinking thick mud laced with black pepper and other spices. If you don’t have a gag reflex as I do you might be able to take it. As I said it really does a great job. But even now I can just think about it and I start getting nauseous.
Excellent product

By Amazon Customer on March 22, 2013

I use this every day. It’s the most gentle bowel program I have ever used. Plus it detoxifies your body.
Hallelujah Diet Fiber Cleanse Reviews

Hallelujah Diet Fiber Cleanse Reviews

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BarleyMax Reviews – Does It Really Work?

BarleyMax Reviews

BarleyMax Reviews – Does It Really Work?

BarleyMax ReviewsBarleyMax Hallelujah Acres

The unmistakable, new taste of BarleyMax® Hallelujah Acres is verification of its virtue and thick, living supplements you have to switch DNA harm that can prompt malady — there’s nothing else like it! Attempt the crisp, rich kind of BarleyMax® Powder (Original), BarleyMax® Berry, or cold cool BarleyMax® Mint! Additionally accessible in containers.

The rich aroma, dynamic shading, and scrumptious, crisp taste of BarleyMax are living proof its unadulterated sustenance and well-being advancing influence — there’s nothing else like it! Produced using the juice of gluten-free*, youthful grain leaves collected at the top of nourishment, Hallelujah Diet BarleyMax is jam-pressed with:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Vital amino acids
  • Chlorophyll
  • Flavonoids
  • Trace Elements
  • Antioxidants
  • Live compounds

BarleyMax Coupons

BarleyMax Reviews


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BarleyMax Coupon Code

BarleyMax – FREE Gluten Free Recipe Book! Limited Time Only

Please click at BarleyMax Coupon Code at link above. BarleyMax Free Recipe Book Coupons was automatically applied! Buy BarleyMax Now!

BarleyMax Hot Promotion

BarleyMax Reviews - Does It Really Work?

BarleyMax® is a primary supplemental product of The Hallelujah Diet®. It is a blend of two of natures most nutritionally dense foods – raw organic barley and alfalfa – that gives you one of the widest spectrums of naturally occurring nutrients in a single source.

BarleyMax® Benefits provides a synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals (1000including calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and potassium), essential amino acids, chlorophyll, flavonoids, many trace elements, enzymes and antioxidants, plus a high level of enzymatic activity that is necessary for building new, strong, healthy and vital cells in your body. Because of its richness in nutrients, drinking BarleyMax® and freshly extracted vegetable juices will aid the body in detoxification and in the activation of its self-healing.

BarleyMax Ingredients: Powdered juice from young, organically grown barley leaves and organically grown alfalfa. More information here and on our Printable Brochure. Suggested Use: Take 1 teaspoon 2-3 times per day or more. Serving Size: 1 rounded teaspoon (10002 g) Servings per container: 120

BarleyMax Reviews

BarleyMax Reviews

Furthermore, with its living chemicals and endless micro-nutrients, Hallelujah Diet Barley Max offers one of the vastest ranges of commonly happening supplements in a solitary source! The verification is in the powder; ounce for ounce, Hallelujah Acres BarleyMax contains:

100% of the protein in steak 400% of the calcium in drain 2200% of the iron in spinach Every vital amino acid.

This powerhouse of crude, living sustenance helps your weight train 300 million sound new cells each moment of each day! Also, sound cells help your body shield itself from free radicals, which cause DNA harm.

Truth be told, Hallelujah Acres BarleyMax has been demonstrated to shield human cells from DNA harm, the “organic rust” that assumes a huge part in maturing and infection. To sweeten the deal even further, a study including concentrate of grain leaf has indicated to decline LDL (awful) cholesterol! No other juice powder thinks about! So what makes it so not quite the same as dead, stop dried green juice powders? The mystery is the means by which its made…

  • Uniquely chose grain grass seeds are developed in a mineral-rich, volcanic lakebed at a rise of 5,000 feet.
  • Slower development at this rise permits the plant to ingest most extreme sustenance from the inconceivably supplement rich soil.
  • Reaped at simply the right minute for top nourishment, the grain grass is cut, washed, squeezed, and dried with a protected drying process that holds the living supplements — all in simply a couple of hours!

Hallelujah Diet BarleyMax Reviews

At last, every 4.2 oz holder of Hallelujah Acres BarleyMax contains the gluten-free*, got dried out juice of 7.5 pounds of naturally reaped grain grass, an a great deal more supplement thick and preferable tasting option over stop dried items or even newly collected “indoor” wheat grass.

Likewise accessible in BarleyMax Original flavor.

* GLUTEN-FREE: Barley grass is innately without gluten. The grain plant just gets to be gluten-containing once a head of grain creates. Since the grain grass developed to make Hallelujah Diet BarleyMax is collected before this stage, Hallelujah Acres BarleyMax is without gluten. Autonomous lab test outcomes affirm that Hallelujah Diet BarleyMax powder contains 3 sections every million (ppm) of gluten; the FDA standard to be considered gluten-free is 20 ppm.

BarleyMax Products

BarleyMax Original 8.5ozBarleyMax Berry 8.5ozBarleyMax Mint 8.5ozBarleyMax Alfalfa Free 8.5oz

BarleyMax Original                 BarleyMax Berry                   BarleyMax Mint                    BarleyMax Alfalfa

How Hallelujah Diet BarleyMax is Made

Go behind the scenes and discover what gives Hallelujah Diet BarleyMax its unbeatable freshness, taste, and quality — ssshh… it’s a secret!


Suggested Use

  • Hallelujah Diet BarleyMax is best eaten on an empty stomach or 20-30 minutes before meals.
  • Mix one level teaspoon of BarleyMax in 4 oz of purified water or apple juice.
  • (It can also be mixed with CarrotJuiceMax or BeetMax.)
  • BarleyMax is easier to mix by shaking rather than stirring.
  • Take 2-3 times a day if nutritional needs are higher.

Please note: If detoxification symptoms are uncomfortable, start with a smaller serving and build up slowly.

BarleyMax Ingredients

BarleyMax Nutrition Facts – Serving Size 1 Teaspoon (2g)

BarleyMax Ingredients

BarleyMax Reviews

Satisfied Customer


This stuff is great! I was using the regular barley max and sorry it tasted like ashes …it still worked well but the taste..yuck! I love this berry flavor and the orders come in very quick from this company & this is about 47.00 (including tax, s/h) ordering thru so Im saving more than a few pennies 🙂

Barley has a lot of healing properties and so far so good I have been using it for 2months now no complaints.

Should be called MommyMax for ENERGY

By godsrhs

This product should be called MommyMax or EnergyMax….
It is excellent. I got used to the taste after a day or so…it is very doable. I had given up on traditional green products still sitting on my shelves. This product when used as they recommend..30min before a meal preferably plus a healthy salad later on in the day….is a goldmine for energy. It is easiest for me to tell the product is good when I forget to take it=)

By Mary A.

Great product….fast and well packaged…veryhappy. This product had really helped my digestive system. I will order more so I don’t run out from the same people that sent me this one. I foresee a long future of orders.
Barley Max

By kruithoff

This tastes much better than the plain. It works great. I add it to my protein shake every morning. I would recommend this to anyone.

By Robyn

This product is a high quality grass mix, and as far as green powders go they take special care on producing the grasses to maintain their integrity as far as the nutritional value goes. I also like the flavor, this one I can drink just mixed in water.
A Solid product

By Jonathan on January 2, 2015

I’m loving this product. I usually take it each morning a while before eating breakfast. It keeps me going all day(sometimes not realizing I’ve missed meals). If you’re not used to products like this DO NOT do the full suggested serving amount(1 tsp 3 times a day). I was surprised at how quickly my body reacted once I started giving it something good for it, but thankfully, a bathroom was nearby(LOL). The taste takes some getting used to, while I have no experience with the regular flavored version, the “berry” aspect of this one is barley noticeable(See what I did there? :D). My experience so far has been good. I’m much more regular, am sleeping better, feel healthier, and what little body odor I had has diminished.
This is some good stuff! I used the original flavor and actually …

By Miss Action Jackson

This is some good stuff! I used the original flavor and actually got used to the barley/grassy taste. But, I wanted to try the berry flavor out of curiosity. The berry flavor is nice! But, I will go back to the original flavor when I’m all done.

BarleyMax relieved my acid reflux, super-charged my energy level, and is giving me a gentle internal cleanse! Because of all of this, I am losing my taste for sugar, I am able to control my appetite, and I’m losing weight!

I really can’t imagine giving up BarleyMax, EVER! It’s a blessing!

BarleyMax Testimonials

Testimonial #1

Hallelujah Diet BarleyMax Berry Reviews“I have used BarleyMax for the last 10 years and find it the best supplement out there. I have tried other products from health food stores and grocery stores but this one actually gives you results within the first 3 days of use. It is thicker than most greens and a much richer flavor too. If you need a pick up or clearer frame of mind (and gut) or just looking to enrich your diet I suggest you try it. The health benefits of using this are wonderful!”

~ T. Fernel, PA

Testimonial #2

Hallelujah Diet BarleyMax Berry Reviews“BarleyMax has given me so much more energy than I knew was possible. I’m only 22, you’d think I would have plenty of energy. BarleyMax has taken me to whole new levels. I actually feel like I can do everything that I need to between school and work without crashing. Thank you!”

~ Lauren, Tucson, AZ

Testimonial #3

Hallelujah Diet BarleyMax Berry Reviews“I have a digestive problem and have searched for a ”protein” drink that does NOT contain a lot of fiber. BarleyMax has been the answer. I’ve taken it for the last 2 years and can honestly say that it is compatible for persons who have difficulty digesting fiber.”

~ J. Wells, Yuma, AZ

Testimonial #4

Hallelujah Diet BarleyMax Berry Reviews“My wife, Marilyn, and I have been using BarleyMax ever since it first came out and we are sold on it, not just for great nutrition, but for its healing effect on the outside of the body. It’s great for cuts and scrapes, after disinfecting. We’ve used it for our dogs “hot spots” and it beats the “vets” prescriptions. BarleyMax is the best nutrition from a single whole-food source that you can put into your body. That’s our conviction.”

~ Doug P., Jackson, TN

Testimonial #5

Hallelujah Diet BarleyMax Berry Reviews“I have been taking BarleyMax for about a year now and found the Berry flavor and really love it. I give it to my 16-month-old son too and he can’t get enough of it. He loves the flavor and it is just sweet enough for everyone.”

~ Melanie, Baneberry, TN

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