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AlphaViril™ Supplement Reviews

Naturally Boost Your Testosterone & Increase Your Libido 

“It worked for my dad, and it can work for YOU too!” – Dr. Sam Robbins


Maximum Strength, All Natural Testosterone Stimulator & Libido Enhancer

Doctor Endorsed – 60 Capsules – Dietary Supplement



WHAT Is AlphaViril™ ?

AlphaViril is a male enhancement product produced from HFL solution. The HFL solution is basically a product used to develop and increase sex drive, fertility, virility, support testosterone, sexual hormones of a man. From a research recently done, it shows that 93.7% of people using AlphaViril are pleased by its outcome. Impotence is a common sexual dysfunction in men, anxiety, depression, stress and a lot of alcohol intake. However with AlphaViril it is always taken care of.

WHY AlphaViril™ Is Better Than The Rest…

AlphaViril Bottle

  • All-In-One solution (so it’s convenient, easy & saves you money) *
  • doctor endorsed & scientifically proven (so you know it’ll work) *
  • 14 year proven track record (so you know it’s safe) *
  • Hundreds of reviews (so you know it can be trusted) *
  • Life-Time satisfaction guarantee (so there’s no risk to you) *†

Summary Of Benefits – AlphaViril™ Can Help:

  • Dramatically increase your sex drive (mental & physical)
  • Safely boost your testosterone levels (feel young again)
  • Build muscle & improve strength, while decreasing fat.
  • Significantly elevate Nitric Oxide levels (better blood flow)
  • Lower “negative” hormones (estrogen, cortisol, DHT)
  • Works for both men and women, safe for daily use.


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AlphaViril Website


HOW AlphaViril Is Proven To Help YOU Because


You save much money when you have AlphaViril coupon codes. The cost would be reduced to the percentage contained in the code. You could save as much as 15%-20% percent. The discount percentage differs from month to month. You would always enjoy this when you buy from the internet.


Where to buy AlphaViril™

AlphaViril can be purchase from our websites with a good discount for those who buy in bulk and those who sign up for auto delivery program. A bottle of AlphaViril costs $40. The dosage should be 3-4 capsules of AlphaViril an hour to the sexual or sport activity. If you will not engaging in the exercises that particular day, take 1 to 2 pills. According to the progress and need, it is okay to regulate the dosage upwards or downwards. After using the AlphaViril for about two months, cycling is recommended. From there take a break of 3-4 days per month without taking it.

AlphaViril™ Reviews

When you start aging and you are not able to fully function in the gym or in the bed, AlphaViril comes in and improves your testosterone level in your body. If a body has an increased level of testosterone, one can not comfortably function in the bed or out there in the sports field. It also lessens the degree level of cortisol and estrogen in the body allowing testosterone level to scale up.

If you are having trouble with erection, impotence, lack of sleep, loss’s of hair or reduced sex drive; AlphaViril is your answer. These natural supplements will reverse your diminishing testosterone level making your life young and enjoyable. AlphaViril has been purpose to aid equally physical and mental need for sexual activities unlike other drugs that only cater for the physical need. Get on our website today and order a bottle or two of AlphaViril and experience a smoother ride in your aging days.
Other than that, AlphaViril contains amino acids, minerals and vitamins which aid in general health advantages. Some of the advantages it gives to the body includes: improved libido less stress and depression, lowering of fat tissues, better erection and elevated muscle mass.

AlphaViril™ Ingredients

One of the most interesting things about this product is that the ingredients are 100 % natural, making it safe for the user. The ingredients include:

  • L-Arginine which increases the Nitric Oxide in the body
  • Vitex Agnus Castus that minimizes prolactin
  • DIM that control and lowers estrogen level
  • Zinc Picolinate to minimize DHT
  • Zinc and Vitamin D-3 that are used for general sexual health

Stinging Nettle, Avena Sativa, Tribulus Terrestris and Tongkat Ali to increase testosterone l level that is produced and freed
All the ingredients are listed on the bottle of the AlphaViril so that our clients know exactly what they will be consuming. AlphaViril give a satisfying guarantee, ingredients are comprehensive and well explained, safe to people with high blood pressure and it has been recommended by doctors.

Below you will find all the synergistic ingredients found in AlphaViril™ – each ingredient explaining exactly HOW and WHY it works on the human body.

We realize that the information is extensive, but we feel strongly that each client, member, and customer has the right to know exactly what they are putting in their bodies, why it works, and most importantly, how safe the products are – both for short and long-term usage.

Please remember that this product is patent pending and contains clinically proven ingredients in multiple University tested double-blind placebo-controlled trials. AlphaViril™ also utilizes a Patented formulation extract to achieve these clinical results – US Patent #4,886,665.

AlphaViril Ingredients


Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement, take 3-4 capsules one hour before exercise or sexual activity. On other days, take 1-2 capsules, twice daily with one glass of water (with or without food). Depending on your desired results, you may need to adjust the dosages upward or downward.

For Best Results: Use continuously for 6-8 weeks to naturally maximize your testosterone levels. After the 2nd month of use, it’s best to take off 3-4 days out of each month, to prevent adaptation.

Please view more detailed “how to use” instructions, including various “cycles patterns” that will best maximize and suit your needs.

Other Ingredients: plant-derived cellulose gelatin (Vegetarian capsule), Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon, Dioxide, Water

Does NOT Contain Any: Artificial colors, wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, egg, fish, peanuts.

AlphaViril Side Effects: There are no known major side-effects associated with this formula. However, as with any food product, there may be infrequent and highly sensitized reactions associated with this or any other nutritional supplement. If such a reaction occurs, you should consider discontinuing use of this or any product.

Warnings & Interactions: Some users have felt slightly nauseous when taking this product on an empty stomach, so taking with food might be a better optiont. If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications, consult your doctor before use .

AlphaViril Reviews

The best solution for boosting your libido & “erasing” belly fat

Imagine if you could take an all natural pill with NO side-effects, that would help dramatically boost your libido and increase your “drive”, help “erase” the belly fat and give you energy?… Is that something you’d be interested in?

My friend, Dr. Sam Robbins reveals the best herbs and vitamins, that naturally help optimize your male hormones, similar to the levels of a 20-year old. Best part — no drugs or side-effects.

This way you can perform better in AND out of the bedroom. Have more confidence and simply look and feel younger.

Anyway, please watch this week’s short video by Dr. Sam Robbins (3 min) and discover the hidden causes that can KILL your manhood. Plus, some very simple and natural solutions that can quickly help fix this problem.

SL: the deadly health statistics for men over 30 [important video]

If you’re a man over the age of 30, or you know of someone who is (dad, brother, spouse, etc.) … then please watch today’s short video presentation by Dr. Sam Robbins.

Dr. Sam reveals the primary cause of aging in men, why they would have lower energy, less muscle, more belly fat and less “drive”, both in and out of the bedroom.

More importantly, “this” is a contributing factor for having high cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure…. Which can lead to heart disease and diabetes.

Please take a look at Dr. Sam’s short video and also forward this email to any man you know who is over the age of 30. Thanks…


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Additional 15% OFF coupon has automatically been added to your order

If AlphaViril™ doesn’t improve your testosterone levels in only 30-days,
you’ll receive a full refund + an additional $100.00 cash back!*

AlphaViril Website

Here’s the list of products and what they do.

  1. www.AlphaViril.com— increase testosterone (free and total) and libido/sex drive for men and women too. However, it also optimizes other hormones for improved results — estrogen, prolactin and cortisol.
  2. www.BloodFlowOptimizer.com— increase blood flow and circulation. This has many benefits. Anyone who is concerned about heart health and preventing heart attacks and strokes. People who have diabetes and neuropathy. Circulation to extremities. For men who want better erections.
  3. www.BloodPressureOptimizer.com— improves hypertension and high blood pressure. This is a very important topic, especially those concerned about “heart health” and preventing a heart attack or stroke.
  4. www.BloodSugarOptimizer.com— lowering blood sugar and glucose levels. This is major topic because blood sugar affects how you look and feel. Weight loss, energy levels, diabetes/pre-diabetes, heart health and basic longevity.
  5. www.CHEATmeals.com— carb/fat blocker, which also has digestive enzymes. This falls under the “weight loss” category. There are no stimulants. It also helps improve digestion, reduce acid reflux, better bowel movements because of the fiber, which also helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  6. www.CholesLo.com—  part of the “heart health” category by help to lower cholesterol, which is an alternative to the best selling drug in the US, the statins. However, it has additional “lipid improving” benefits because it also optimizes HDL/LDL levels, lowers triglycerides, improves Homocysteine levels and cleanses the liver, where cholesterol problems start.
  7. www.LeanOptimizer.com— this is for weight loss. It helps improve your main fat burning hormones — Leptin, Thyroid, Cortisol, etc. It improves your metabolism and reduces appetite.
  8. www.MoreNaturalEnergy.com — increases energy levels — both mental and physical. It can also be categorized as a “Nootropic”. Helps increase focus, memory and reduces adrenal fatigue as well.
  9. www.ProVanax.com— mood, anxiety, depression and improved sleep. It improves Serotonin, Dopamine, GABA and Cortisol levels. Great for people have a lot of stress in their lives (which is most of us!)
  10. www.BodyBrainEnergy.comNootropic based formula, containing 21 clinically researched ingredients. It’s designed to help maximize your physical energy and optimize your mental performance*… Resulting in a whole-body energy boost, with anti-aging benefits.

AlphaViril Website
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