A SUPERFOOD Beyond Compare: The World’s Healthiest Plant

A SUPERFOOD Beyond Compare:
The World’s Healthiest Plant

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This May Be the World’s Healthiest Plant
Everyone knows fruits and veggies are good for you. They’re loaded with nutrients and fiber. But none can top Chlorella. It may just be the world’s healthiest plant.
If you haven’t heard of Chlorella, don’t feel bad. Many people haven’t. Though it’s been around for 2 billion years, we’ve only known about it for about 100. You see, it’s a tiny, one-celled plant.
But don’t be fooled by size. Chlorella packs a potent nutritional punch.
The Perfect Plant Protein… and More
You hear a lot about plant protein these days. Eat more beans, they say. More soy. But there’s one small problem with most plant proteins. They’re far from complete.
A “complete” protein food delivers all 9 essential amino acids in the right balance for human health.
But one plant that is a complete protein source… Chlorella. No bean, no soy, no tempeh comes close. Chlorella is one of just a handful of foods that can match eggs for the quality of their protein.
Chlorella also offers a bounty of vitamins and minerals.
For example, just 10 grams – about 1/3 of an ounce – delivers more than 100% of your daily need of vitamin A. Chlorella is a good source of lutein and zeaxanthin, too. These two vitamin A cousins are key to eye health.
It’s high in B vitamins, crucial for energy and fighting stress. And Chlorella even delivers B12 – a key vitamin almost impossible to get from plant sources.
In 2015, doctors gave Chlorella to a group of vegetarians. Within 60 days, their B12 status was up. And their levels of homocysteine – a protein linked to heart problems – had dropped.1
Chlorella has a fair amount of vitamins C and E, too.
Key Minerals for Women and Men
Chlorella delivers a good shot of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus – all important for bone health.
Men will benefit from Chlorella as a rich source of zinc. Men’s reproductive organs have the highest concentrations of zinc in the human body. And zinc is critical for a healthy prostate.
For women, Chlorella is high in iron. Japanese researchers gave Chlorella to a group of pregnant women with low iron levels in their blood. Within weeks, these women were far less likely to have low iron levels than women who didn’t take Chlorella.2
Boost Your Energy Levels
Feeling run down? Chlorella may help.
In 2014, university scientists tested 10 young athletes. And the results were surprising.
In this study, the volunteers were split into two groups. First, the volunteers did a cycling test to determine their exercise capacity.
Then the groups took either Chlorella or a placebo twice a day for 4 weeks. This was followed by another cycling test.
Six weeks later, the scientists repeated the process with the same volunteers. Except, this time, they switched who got the Chlorella or the placebo.
In both cases, the Chlorella group showed better aerobic capacity, while the placebo group showed no improvement.3
Along with improved energy, Chlorella may help block weight gain.
Maintain a Healthy Weight
Animal studies suggest Chlorella may promote healthy blood fat levels… and may help at least some women avoid weight gain.
Using a model of the change, female subjects were either given Chlorella or a placebo. After 7 weeks, the Chlorella group had better levels of cholesterol and blood fats. Plus, they didn’t gain any weight.4
This suggests at least some women may benefit weight-wise by taking a supplement with Chlorella.
Benefits on Top of Benefits
For such a tiny plant, Chlorella’s benefits just keep adding up. Here are a just few more…
  • High Blood Pressure – Doctors in Virginia gave Chlorella to a group of people with high blood pressure. After 2 months, the group’s average blood pressure was only slightly lower. But for 25% of the group, the drop was significant. And all the volunteers said they felt health improvements, even if their blood pressure didn’t improve.5
  • Abnormal Cell Growth – In a 2015 study, European doctors gave Chlorella to one of two groups of animals with abnormal cells. After 14 weeks, they compared abnormal cell growth in the two groups. The Chlorella group had 61% less abnormal growth than the other group.6
  • Immune Health – In a human study, volunteers with abnormal cell growth took Chlorella. All were taking medications known to suppress immune function. In spite of this, their immune systems remained near normal. And they had fewer illnesses than most people experience in that situation.7
  • Toxins – Animal and human studies suggest Chlorella helps move toxins out of your body. Perhaps because it’s rich in chlorophyll, Nature’s “Master Detoxifier.”
Japanese doctors found nursing women taking Chlorella had lower levels of dioxins in their breast milk. They also passed more immune factors on to their babies than women not taking Chlorella.8
In a 2009 study, animals with high cadmium levels passed more of this heavy metal out of their systems when given Chlorella.9
Getting the Best Out of Chlorella
It’s not easy to get all Chlorella’s benefits. Like many one-celled plants, Chlorella has tough cell walls. Our digestive systems can’t break them down effectively. So you can’t get all the nutrients available from plain Chlorella.
Fortunately, high-quality Chlorella is available. It’s called “broken cell wall” Chlorella. Essentially, the walls come “pre-broken” so your body can extract the most nutrients.
That’s why Best Life Herbals uses broken cell wall Chlorella in Pro-Green Formula.
Pro-Green Formula also delivers 7 more green superfoods… like barley grass juice, Korean ginseng, and rich green chlorophyll. And alfalfa, “the Father of All Foods.”
Alfalfa is high in heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids… vitamin K… and smaller amounts of other vitamins and minerals. It offers a well-balanced nutrient palette with almost no calories.
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