3 Weird New Weight-Loss Secrets

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Shed Pounds More Easily with These Crazy-Sounding Tricks

You’ve probably seen some crazy ideas for losing weight over the years. Like those belts that were supposed to melt fat with electrical impulses. Or the diet based on eating only those yellow “crème-filled” snack cakes.

I’ve even read about people who’ve lost weight eating nothing but fast food or potatoes.

The problem with most fads is they’re unhealthy. Or simply don’t work. But every so often researchers discover a weird trick that does work. And that won’t make you sick in the process.

Today, I’ve collected three recent weird weight-loss secrets that may help you reach your goal a little faster.


Our first secret goes against logic. Everyone knows dried fruit is calorie-dense. A quarter cup of raisins, for example, packs about 110 calories. For comparison, a quarter cup of fresh apples has just 16 calories.

So you’d think eating dried fruit when you’re trying to lose weight would be a mistake.


But doctors at the University of Liverpool discovered that one dried fruit – prunes – actually helped people lose weight more quickly.


The team split a group of overweight volunteers in two. Both halves went on a healthy weight-loss diet. But one half included up to 6 ounces of prunes daily as snacks.

After 12 weeks, the prune group had lost 30% more weight – and trimmed about 30% more off their waistlines. Plus, by week 8, the prune group felt less hungry.1

The authors think the extra fiber in the prunes made a big difference. Fiber curbs hunger… and most people in the United Kingdom don’t get enough fiber in their daily diet. The same is true here in the U.S.

The trick to making prunes work is to use them to replace other calories. So you’d have to cut back on other snacks. Your best bet is to use them to replace carbs like bread or pasta.

Our second trick has nothing to do with eating. It’s all about timing.

Over the years, I’ve written several times about how important it is to get enough exposure to the sun. The sun triggers your body’s production of vitamin D. And many Americans don’t get enough of this key vitamin.

Now there’s another reason to get out and get some sun. At least some morning sun.


Researchers at Northwestern University recently conducted a study on the timing of sun exposure and its effects on people’s daily rhythms. They hadn’t set out to study weight, but they made a surprising connection.


People who get more of their sun exposure early in the day also tend to have a lower Body Mass Index (BMI).2


This information means getting out for a morning walk every day may be a faster, easier way to get the slim, sexy figure you’re shooting for.

And while you’re walking, here’s what not to bring along: diet soft drinks.

I’ve written to you before about how diet sodas and soft drinks have been linked to metabolic problems like high blood sugar. A large new study presented to the American College of Cardiology shows there may be another problem.

Scientists have found that women who drink two or more diet soft drinks a day also have a higher risk of heart trouble. This study found their risk is about 25% higher than women who drink only one diet soda a day.3

You might think that fewer calories would mean a lower risk, but artificially sweetened drinks don’t seem to work that way.

Try brewing your own iced green tea. To satisfy your sweet tooth, just add a little stevia – a sweet nutritional supplement that doesn’t have the risks linked to artificial sweeteners.


Yours in continued good health,

Dr Kenneth Woliner, M.D.


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