21 Eye Opening Facts About Type 2 Diabetes

21 “Eye opening” facts about Type 2 diabetes and blood sugar control

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… As I state in today’s article, your insulin and blood sugar levels literally control how you look and feel. Insulin is a major cause of almost all diseases and accelerates aging more than almost anything else you can do.

Please take a look at today’s eye opening info-graphic if you want to improve your health, prevent most diseases and even reverse diabetes. Make sure to read my short summary at the end.

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Eye Opening Facts About Type 2 Diabetes


As some of you may know, my background is in endocrinology – which is the “study of hormones”. And one of the most powerful hormones in the entire body is insulin … which controls your blood sugar and glucose levels.

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Diabetics don’t have proper insulin regulation in the body…

Type 1 is mainly genetic, but the typical Type 2 is caused primarily by life-style. In either case, you must learn to control your blood sugar and insulin levels if you want to look and feel young and youthful!

… and this is because insulin and blood sugar levels pretty much control how you LOOK and FEEL!

Gaining muscle or losing fat … hair loss, wrinkles and anti-aging … mental clarity and mood … and many major diseases are all strongly affected by insulin and blood sugar levels!

You goal should be to

  • Eat more natural, healthy foods and less man-made, processed foods.
  • Exercise daily, even if it’s just a 20-30 minute brisk walk.
  • Utilize natural herbs and vitamins, to help improve insulin sensitivity and glucose levels.

Starting is the hardest part with any new change. But if you do nothing, this situation will only get worse as you get older. Please take action today to improve your blood sugar levels, so you can look and feel younger.

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