200X More Powerful Than Ordinary Omega-3s

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The Most Powerful Omega-3 for Pain Relief

Omega-3 fatty acids – or Omega-3s, for short – are among the best known nutritional supplements. And with good reason. Science seems to uncover new benefits of these healthy fats all the time.

A recent study at Oregon State University (OSU) discovered that DHA – an Omega-3 found in fish oil – may block some of the damage done by a poor diet. The DHA changed the way volunteers’ bodies processed fats, carbs, protein… and even vitamins.1


The OSU researchers also suggested a reason some studies don’t show benefits from Omega-3s. The researchers aren’t using enough.


Perhaps that’s why some studies don’t show Omega-3s are effective for relieving pain… while many other studies do.


Volunteers in a small 2010 Canadian study took fairly high doses of Omega-3s – starting at 2,400mg per day. They also got significant relief. The relief was also long-lasting. They continued to feel better even 19 months after the study ended.2


Another successful study also used fairly large amounts of Omega-3s – from 1,200 to 2,400mg. Omega-3s worked so well for these volunteers, 59% stopped taking other pain relievers. And 88% decided to keep taking the Omega-3s after the study ended.3


Brand new information from Duke University also backs the “not enough” idea. But in a very different way.


The Duke team used a compound – called NPD1/PD1 – derived from DHA. In mice, this compound eased pain due to nerve injury. The compound blocked certain molecules that trigger pain. It also lowered pain by slowing the “firing” rate of damaged nerves.4


NPD1/PD1 works in very small amounts. Much smaller than you’d need to get relief from ordinary Omega-3s. But that’s because it’s highly concentrated.


NPD1/DP1 isn’t on the market yet. But there’s already an Omega-3 that’s far more powerful than ordinary fish oil products.


I’ve written about green-lipped mussel (GLM) extract before. It’s one of my favorite natural pain busters for several reasons…


  • It’s gentle on your stomach.
  • There’s no evidence it affects blood clotting.5


  • It can ease the toughest pain – even in remarkably small amounts.


In fact, researchers at the University of California say the unique Omega-3 in GLM extract is 200 times more powerful than other Omega-3s!6


Best of all, you can enjoy proven relief from long-term pain in just weeks.

In one trial, 53% of joint pain sufferers taking GLM extract felt significant relief within 4 weeks. At 8 weeks, the number had jumped to 80%. They also showed improved joint function.7


GLM extract isn’t all that easy to find. But it’s included in a handful of nutritional supplements for pain relief.


Yours in continued good health,

Dr Kenneth Woliner, M.D.



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